Rotary Club of Hartford


No. 21



From left to right: Chris Healy, Dr. William Petit, Steve Vaughan

Dr. William Petit visited the Rotary Club of Hartford for fellowship and to talk about all the great things The Petit Family Foundation is working on lately. They have fundraisers that include an Annual Golf Tournament, a 5K Road Race, a motorcycle ride called "Ride For Justice" and an incredible garden project called "Michaela's Garden Project". The money that is raised goes to support three main areas - education, chronic illness, and helping those affected by violence. Grants are awarded to organizations that make the biggest impact in any of these three areas. For more information, please check out there website and support the cause at We would also like to add that the Petit family has a long history being part of the magic of Rotary International.

Great people doing great things makes the world go round!