At our meeting on September 23, Internation Chair, Darrell Jolly, presented a cheque for $5000.00 to Gary Brooks, founder of the African Community Project.  this is an organization which is helping communities in Zambia.  Through education and example it shows them how health and living standards can be improved.  The objectives of the Grant are to create and maintain a sustanable Community Forest, a sustaiable firwood/charcoal industry, improve the quality of basic school equipment, supply  mosquito nets to reduce the incidence of malaria, and provide  a sustaiable source of clean drinking water and adequate sanitation needs for the community.  The cost of the Program is $5,000.00, our Club will provide $2,500.00, and we have applied for a Community Grant of $2,500.00 which will be given to the Club on completion of the Project..

 Another Cheque was presented to Daphne Hichcock, from  Literacy for Visually Impaired Children , was presented with a cheque for $500.00, to purchase another kit for teaching basic literacy to sight impaired children.