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Dear All,

I have decided to send a regular email along with, my newly developed Newsletter, thank you Norm, because I learned that some of Us did not open my Newsletter last week. So, with that said, our meeting this week will be at Rotary Park as we reveal our newly renovated Rotary sign. Please bring a folding chair if you have one as there might not be enough seating on the benches in the park. We will be having pizza that day and will have water bottles as well. I'm hoping the weather will hold out for us. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we know how many pizzas to order. 

I will pick up the Rotary flag but we don't need any other items for set up so Future is off the hook for setting up but I still need someone to lead the pledge, give an invocation and recite the 4 way. We will hold off on the 50/50 as well, especially because the weather forecast is kind of iffy for Thursday. The less we need to take away the better.