Posted by Norman Woolley on Jan 26, 2021
Did you know our club's Facebook Page is turning 10 this year? We have 448 Likes,  and 79 of those likes are from people who live in Union Township. 48% of those likes are from females and 51% are from males. Our highest age bracket is over 65 and that represents over 25% of our fans. I encourage all of our members and fans to like our posts and share with your friends and family. I see no reason to pay Facebook for boosts or ads so why not click the like button on our club posts. Once you conquer that monumental task you can like our member's company's and posts as well. You can find our page at Let's see if we can hit the 500 like mark and share our good news with the community and friends. Once you like our page you can also invite others to join our page. We also have a group just for Union Rotarians to share club news and events from the comfort of our smartphone. You can join that group here and right now we have 25 members. Once you join please share your business page so we can easily follow that as well. I will update the above stats at the end of the month to see how our campaign did.