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Drakestown Equestrian
417 Drakestown Road
‚ÄčLong Valley, NJ
United States of America

Our service project with this wonderful organization, who has visited Rotary several times in the past, is a go for Friday, June 18, 2021 at 10am!  

Your children and/or spouses are welcome to join us as well!

This service project will take the place of our Thursday, June 17th meeting; we will begin meeting in person (outdoors) on Thursday, June 24th

This wonderful organization was formed in direct response to the specific needs of those who suffer from the signature injuries of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars – Combat Street, PTS  & TBI, and the hugely neglected needs of Vietnam & pre-9/11 era veterans.  Their goal is to offer support and a healing environment for those who are “not quite home yet”.  Please visit their website for more information:

Their location is as follows:

Physical Address: Drakestown Equestrian, 413 Keltz Lane, Long Valley, NJ                            
Directions: Enter at 417 Drakestown Road, ‚ÄčLong Valley, NJ                                                               
Follow the 1/2 mile driveway to the facility, 1st barn on right: S/Sgt. Mike Moretti Stables

Sharon L. Brangman