Education and Literacy


As many of you know, our Club is planning to support Rotary International's on-going commitment to literacy and join District 7510's support of The Dictionary Project again this year.

The Dictionary Project is a community-based service that is already underway in Rotary Clubs in all 50 states and in several Clubs in New Jersey, including many Clubs in District 7510. The Dictionary Project has the goal of presenting a personal dictionary to every third grade student in the United States. The project has been expanded in several places to include giving a dictionary or a thesaurus to older students, and as appropriate, giving a Spanish English dictionary to students who come from homes in which Spanish is the first language.

During the week of October 23rd, members of our Club, working in teams of two, will be visiting 13 third grade classes in five schools, four Elementary Schools in the Princeton Regional Schools and the Charter School. During these visits, 260 third grade students will be given a personal copy of A Student's Dictionary, which is an age appropriate dictionary that includes 33,000 of the most commonly used words in the English language, the Declaration of Independence, the United states Constitution, maps of the seven contents, information about the 50 states, biographies of the 43 presidents, and facts about the planets and the solar system. Additionally, the teachers will be given a Spanish English Dictionary to be distributed to families whose first language is not English.

Each book will have a bookplate with the Rotary logo indicating that the dictionary is a gift from the Rotary Club of Princeton. The Rotarians will ask the students to personalize their dictionaries by writing their names on the bookplates, and they will orient the students to the contents of the dictionary. Additionally, the Rotarians will provide the students with some basic facts about Rotary and what our organization does both in our community and worldwide.

Both the Superintendent of Princeton Regional Schools, Judy Wilson, and the Principal of the Princeton Charter School, Charles Mar see, were delighted to learn that our Club will be continuing The Dictionary Project this year. They both mentioned how well the students had reacted to having their own "user friendly" dictionaries.

Our Dictionary Project has been funded by several generous Rotarians including Ahmed Azmy, Ace Barclay, Dewey Clark, Don Conover, Jerry Essig, Peter Hodge, Jean Lian, Russ DiNardo, Ravi Ravindranath, and Karen Woodbridge, all of whom we thank for their commitment to this project. Additionally, we thank Barbara Essig for her work designing a Rotary bookplate and Ahmed Azmy for agreeing to print multiple copies of the bookplate for each book.

We hope to be able to continue The Dictionary Project every year as our part toward the goal of putting a Dictionary in the hands of every third grade student in the United States.