Classification Speeches by Tanveer Nasir and Kaven Kafshbarghi 

 Thursday, August 11


This week Tanveer and Kaven, two of our newest club members, both delivered outstanding classification speeches that were creative, entertaining, and heartfelt. They set a new standard of excellence for introducing themselves to  club members. 

The theme of Tanveer's speech was "I am not lucky; I am blessed." She focussed on the importance of education as a criterion for success as evidenced by her two sons and daughter who have already achieved so much success in their young lives. Mothers know best! We are fortunate to have Tanveer as a member of our club. 


Kaven's theme emphasized the importance of family in his life. He and his father, Abdollah, both belong to the Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill and are the first father and son combination to become members in the history of our club. Who knows! Kaven's one year old son, Kal Alexander Kafshbarghi, may choose to become a Rotaractor one day.

Both Tanveer and Kaven serve on our 2016/17 Board of Directors. Tanveer is our recording secretary in training while Kaven is our social media expert responsible for promoting good public relations in our club and  district. They are active and valued members of our club!


Article submitted by Norm Waite                                                    August 15th, 2016