Prepared by: Lori Graf   
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Locale: Living Life On the Avenue, 1066 Avenue Road   

Today's get together was our first visit to this lovely facility.   

In attendance:
* Guest Sharon Holesh, potential member
* Visiting Rotarian & Past President, Iosif Ciosa, Etobicoke Rotary Club  
* Sonam, David, Milo, Russ, Mel, Paul, Assad, Kathryn, Michael B, Minerva, Michael L, Marvin, Lori    

The meeting was called to order by President Sonam at 12:20 pm  
* after the singing of 'O Canada' acapella, Sonam welcomed everyone to LL and thanked all those attending this new venue on such a beautifully warm and sunny day.  
* Guest: .Sharon and Iosif were introduced  
* Community Relations Director of LL, Selina was introduced and after her enthusiastic welcome, briefly talked about the operations and amenities of LL.  
* the club presented her with a plant
* flowers and signed card in appreciation for her tireless efforts and Gratis lunch...a three course, delicious meal served by James and enjoyed by all....Thank you.  
* between courses, President Sonam presented agenda items for discussion  
* booklets (issued by Rotary International) were distributed to the new board members detailing their various roles and responsibilities.  
* David clearly explained the invaluable role of Rotary Foundation and its importance in supporting many worthwhile endeavours
* also related the different ways in which a member can donate
* As we all are aware, Rotary International would like each member, if possible, to contribute $100.00 US (about $135.00 Cdn) every year. The foundation of RI is the lifeline, the right arm of Rotary.  
* Sonam stated that club’s belongings have been picked up from Jim's materials, club's charter
* other members have volunteered to remove our club's items from HP by the middle of next week...banners, lectern....Russ will now be in possession of all financial documents. It will take him some time and effort to organize and update all issues in this area. Going forward we will focus more on doing activities in the community to get more involved locally so that the community people who are our prospect member will be aware of us being in the community and contributing which will be attracted to join our club.  
* Marvin talked about the club's pursuit in getting actively involved in our new core community
* office administrator Lisa, of the Eglinton Way BIA will meet with some board members after next week's regular meeting (March 2) to discuss future endeavours.
* Executive Director Anka of POINT will be attending the club's regular meeting on March 16 to also discuss future projects
* both organizations were welcoming and expressed positive words of cooperation and anticipation in working together with us for the betterment of the community.  
* Milo asked the club to match the $125.00 he has already raised in the support of the hospital in Peru which we have supported in the past. This request was immediately approved.  
* Sonam has encouraged everyone to make the calendar date Sat April 29th 2017 to the poker Aids walk for this year
*  location to be followed up. Michael L explained the reason for our club's donation from the aids walk goes to the Windsor Aids community. Due to lower financial support for aids projects in Windsor, it was the club's decision that the monies raised would go towards a food bank for aids recipients in that city.  
* It was brought up that potential volunteering opportunity to raise monies by participating and assisting in the Rib Fest in conjunction with the Etobicoke Rotary Club between end of Jun and July 1st, more info to follow up. Iosif will keep us in the loop.   
* Michael L reminded everyone of the importance of Bingo funds, as it is the club's main fundraiser and that it is easy money. Because it so lucrative, it is imperative to retain our license. All sessions require only 2 people (much less onerous than in past days). It would be wise if everyone had the necessary training so that they could assist if necessary. The 45 minute training sessions are available on the first Tuesday of each month
* Kathryn presented a list of our Bingo dates that are already accounted for and those that still require assistance.  
* Michael B, our master of money collecting, took on the big job of accepting donated monies in lieu of today's free lunch to support Rotary Foundation. Over $250.00 was raised through cash and cheques. Thank you everyone for your generosity.  
* meeting was adjourned about 1;40 pm.  

Everyone was delighted with the ambience, the food, the service and the sincere warm welcome provided by Living Life. Everyone was most impressed by the staff and their kindness in hosting our club.   The complimentary draw for the various gift prizes provided by Living Life will be made at next week's meeting.
Next week's speaker March 2, 2017 is Irwin Elman the Provincial Advocate for Children of youth in Ontario. This should be a most interesting and informative presentation.   Let's have strong attendance. Please confirm your attendance ASAP.