10 Reasons to Join our club

1- I want to make a difference in my community.
2- I want to give a hand-up (not hand-out) to those less fortunate.
3- I want to smile and feel good about what I've done for others.
4- I want to be part of a charitable organization that's very responsible with its funding.
5- I want to roll-up my sleeves and participate in a variety of life-changing projects both locally and internationally.
6- I want to enjoy camaraderie and develop friendships with like-minded people in the community.
7- I want to learn from dynamic guest speakers at the meetings.
8- I want to be a member of a club that is innovative and not burdened by dated traditions.
9- I want to learn from and network with leaders across the Rotary family of 1.2 millions.
10- I want to trade corny jokes and share a lot of laughter.
If some of the points above resonate with you, please reach out to our club president, Monica Walderman at rcny.monica@gmail.com
and she will be happy to meet you for a coffee.