Posted on Jun 04, 2020
At The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North Lunch Meeting on June 4, 2020 the club's speaker was Rosalys Peel, the Author of "Mike and Me". 
June 2011 her beloved husband of 45 years, Michael, died of Alzheimer’s. Three years later, Peel returned once again to face Alzheimer’s this time with journal notes and pen in hand. Over the next three years, she wrote the story of their life as husband wife who hoped beyond hope that they could continue to live together at home throughout the course of Mike’s illness. 
Rosalys Peel said, "Every two minutes someone in America is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Most will face this discouraging illness with their wife, husband or partner at their side. And yet the typical “Alzheimer’s couple” has no idea how to make the most of what lies ahead.
This is the predicament Rosalys loving husband Michael and her found themselves in when they discovered that Mike had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Over 35-plus years of marriage they had always dealt with problems together. But now they were advised to start preparing themselves for the day when Mike would surely be moved from our home to an outside care facility. They simply weren’t ready to accept that.
“I don’t want to leave you and our home,” Mike told Rosalys—so Mike & Roslys made a deal. Despite all the scary stories they were hearing about this disease they decided to stand up to Alzheimer’s and defy the statistics as long as possible. Together they would go right on pursuing the hopes and dreams as husband and wife, confronting the disease together in their own home, and living the fullest life possible…for as long as possible.
Rosalys started writing a journal during Mike's illness. The  journal was a safe place where she could give words to her worries, concerns and fears. It’s where she logged the frustrations and setbacks that Mike and Rosalys encountered, but also where she recorded and celebrated their many victories, large and small. Day by day, her journal chronicled the astonishing power of mutual love, patience, compassion and stay-at-home care. Over time Rosalys became convinced that other couples and caregivers might be able to benefit from some of the new approaches Mike and she were learning.
With the journal she created which at first was to document Mike's health for his doctor's she created a book called "Mike & Me: An Inspiring Guide For Couples Who Choose To Face Alzheimer's Together At Home".
There were many unknowns for Mike and Rosalys during their 9 ½ year journey with Alzheimer’s. "Mike & Me" is designed to be bridge that gap for couples who are now in that chapter of their life. Peel tenderly guides the reader with stories, journal notes, and insights as she shares what happened when and how they dealt with each unknown along the way.
Using her knowledge as a wife of a husband who died of Alzheimer’s and renowned educator who understands child development and couple relationships Peel steps forward to now be a new voice in the fight against Alzheimer’s.
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