Posted by Diane Sheffrey on Dec 02, 2020
Community Action Network (CAN) partners with children, youth, and families from under-resourced Washtenaw County (Michigan) neighborhoods to create better futures for themselves, and improve the communities in which they live.
Community Action Network strives to:
  • Prepare youth to fulfill their academic potential and become successful, self-sufficient adults.
  • Assist families in meeting their basic needs and create better futures for themselves.
  • Create and maintain clean, safe and supportive neighborhoods where families can thrive.
The above CAN goals pair nicely with our Rotary goals and objectives.  Rotary Club Ann Arbor North has a long history of supporting Community Action Network especially through our involvement with the Green Baxter Court community.
While our involvement has changed somewhat during the Covid-19 crisis, our commitment to this organization and community has continued.  RCAAN requested both adult and child face masks for Community Action Network from the Rotary 100K mask challenge project.   In all, 310 adult masks and 300 child masks were donated to CAN at the request of Rotary Club Ann Arbor North.
We had to forgo our typical fall trip to the apple orchard this year.  Instead, RCAAN covered the cost of a harvest party at the Green Baxter Court community house.  The party was planned and carried out by the CAN staff and paid for by our club.  One of our club members was able to participate in the outdoor event.  The caramel apples with extra toppings were tasty and the carved pumpkins were interesting!
December holidays will be more difficult for the CAN families this year because of Covid-19.  Loss of work hours, less access to food support, and other stressors may mean that parents have to limit holiday gift purchases for their children.  Rotary Club Ann Arbor North has typically sponsored several children through the CAN holiday gift program.  This year, the club increased the support for this program by sponsoring 5 children. 
Rotary Club Ann Arbor North looks forward to continued involvement with Community Action Network and Green Baxter Court.
To learn more about Community Action Network or to support this worthy organization, go to