Posted by Eric Tindall on Feb 28, 2019
On February 28, 2019, Scott Nelson and Eric Tindall went to Tappan Middle School for the meeting about the reconstruction of their hoop house after it was vandalized two years ago.
Emily Canosa, from  The Agrarian Adventure lead the meeting, starting in the cafeteria with 6 Tappan Students, and 4 gardening experts from Ann Arbor Public Schools.
Emily started meeting with some of the ideas that the students came up with at the after school session last semester which included:
  1. Painting a mural on the shed
  2. Info graphics about how a hoop house works/passive solar
  3. Parts of a plant incorporated into the mural or other signs
  4. Working with math classes on calculations of wood measurements and needs
  5. Having choir sing at an opening/celebration event
  6. Signs about community, spreading kindness, respect and preventing bullying
Then we went outside and took a look at the hoop house.
With the Rotary District Grant the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North received, Emily is purchasing plastic to cover the hoop house and on April 13th the RCAAN and children from Tappan will be putting the plastic on the frame.
The hoop house when finished will be utilized as a winter garden for students, a hub for seedling production and distribution, and as a growing site for students at Tappan (with particular leadership from those in the after school Food & Garden Club). 
Over the ten years since it was built, produce from the hoop house has found its way to classroom and outdoor tasting, school cafeterias, student-prepared meals, the homes of Tappan families and garden volunteers, fundraiser events, local businesses, the Backdoor Food Pantry, and Food Gatherers.