Posted by Eric Tindall on Aug 01, 2019
On August 1, 2019, at the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North Lunch Meeting, Emily Canosa and  Deb Lentz talk about the Hoop House. RCAAN helped with the Hoop House by getting a District Grant and helping with volunteers.The Agrarian Adventure is the steward of the hoop house erected in 2008 at Tappan Middle School.
The Agrarian Adventure partners with K-12 schools to enrich students’ connection between the foods they eat, their personal health, and the health of their communities and the environment. They believe that fostering a deeper connection to the way our food is produced can help empower students to make healthier choices for life.
This Hoop House is utilized as a winter garden for students, a hub for seedling production and distribution, and as a growing site for students at Tappan (with particular leadership from those in the after school Food & Garden Club). 
Over the ten years since it was built, produce from the Hoop House has found its way to classroom and outdoor tastings, school cafeterias, student-prepared meals, the homes of Tappan families and garden volunteers, fundraiser events, local businesses, the Backdoor Food Pantry, and Food Gatherers. 
Emily talked about how our help provided the plastic for the Hoop House. Click here to see the photos, she presented to the club of the April 13th's workday.
Deb Lentz, Vice President of Agrarian Adventure, RCAAN President Eric Tindall and Emily Canosa, Secretary of Agrarian Adventure