At the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North Lunch Meeting on July 25, 2019, the speaker was our Assistant District Governor Collyer Smith talking about "Rotary Connects The World".
Before Collyer's talk, we had the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor's President Rosemarie Rowney, accept a $200.00 donation from Ann Arbor North for the Polio Luncheon on October 23rd. At this Polio Luncheon, where all Ann Arbor North Members are encouraged to attend because we are not having our normal lunch on Oct. 24th, District Governor Don Sparky Leonard and Polio Survivor  Ann Lee Hussey will be speaking. Proceeds from the lunch will go toward the Rotary Polio Plus program.
After lunch Collyer started his talk, about the theme for District Governor Sparky Leonard's year which is "Rotary Connects the World". Sparky, having great insight, realized by the time he got around to the other 52 Clubs in his District, to share the new year to them, he would be well into the next DG's year. So,,, he had all of the Assistant Governors share their stories for: "Rotary Connects the World." (There are 13 Assistant Governors that work with 4 clubs--(one AG has 5).
Assistant Governor Collyer Smith, shared how "Rotary Connects the World", first starts within our individual clubs. He surprised many with his "happenstance" entry into The Rotary World when he played tennis with the City Administrator. After beating the City Administrator resoundingly- Collyer thought his defeated tennis partner would rave on the fantastic tennis skills displayed. Instead, the City Administrator stared right into Collyer's eyes, pointed right at him, and stated: "You have way too much time on your hands- you are joining Rotary"!
Collyer then proceeded with delight in telling his Rotary journey, tutoring a challenging boy in math. In the process of trying to get the student to grade level math, this young boy did something even more powerful-he ended up changing Collyer's life. And Collyer's life would not have changed, nor would the young boy achieve 5th grade level math, if a series of connects did not occur:
  1. The City Administrator inviting (ok, demanding) Collyer to join Rotary.
  2. The City Administrator making time to connect and coordinate, with the Chair of Rotary Tutors committee, at the very next lunch meeting.
  3. The Chair of Rotary Tutors following up, and connecting, with the 5th grade counselor and teacher that very afternoon.
As Collyer stated:  "If the above 3 connects did not occur, or broke down at any given point- Collyer would not have had the life changing experience that so moved, and compelled him.
President Eric then opened up the floor for members to share their most impactful and proud experiences--and  more inspirational stories flourished. And that, is why we are in Rotary! 
By openly sharing our stories- potential members can't help but join, so that they too, can catch the fever!
Rotary Ann Arbor North President Eric Tindall, presents Rotary Ann Arbor President Rosemarie Rowney a donation for the Polio Luncheon on October 23, 2019, at Weber's.
Assistant Governor Collyer Smith talks about how "Rotary Connects The World".