Rotary Trivia

The RRRRRReturn of RRRRRRRotary Trivia!

Those purveyors of puns, clowns of comedy, jesters of jokes, Larry and Phil some how escaped their quarantines of confinements to bring us another exciting and spellbinding round of Rotary Trivia!   This week's brain teaser was in honor of Rotary Founder Paul Harris.   Our unlucky contestant was our out-going president, GGGGGGary Volllllppppeeeee!  (and the crowd roars....)  This week's question was:


What was Paul Harris's middle name?

A. Pennington

B. Percy

C. Parker

D. Phil


President Gary looked to the peanut gallery and asked Marsha for some help, but she couldn't get into the internet fast enough to answer, so he looked to the audience.  We unanimously said it WAS NOT PHIL!!!!   Most of the audience thought it was Percy.... so that's what President Gary chose.    Was he correct?  Yes he was!!!!  And what a lovely prize he won too, a Rotary plastic cow with a fence around it.  MOOOOVE over Turkey Hill Cow! Another "priceless" prize if ever there was one... or not.   Congratulations to President Gary for a job well done... or at least that cow beef might be well done...who's to say????


We learned that Paul Harris was born in Racine, WI in 1868 (he's just a little bit older than Larry Moss) but moved to Wallingford, VT as a small child to be raised by his grandparents.  Later he earned a law degree and moved to Chicago to practice law. Read more about him by clicking on the link below.