Posted by LRM on Sep 19, 2018

After School Program at EMC

Tamara Callahan, Principal of E. M. Crouthamel elementary school in Souderton, joined us on September 19, 2018 to get us up to date on all the changes at EMC. They are currently undergoing an expansion project that has created a lot of challenges in their day-to-day operations. For example, they have had to live without their library and are using a cart to distribute books to the classrooms. There was no playground last year so a fenced in area was created in the parking lot. All the rain we have been receiving also made outdoor play impossible. Because the old playground equipment had to be moved, it may have to be made ADA compliant when it is reinstalled.
As part of the after school program, the kids get to play computer games using the Osmo System that was donated by Rotary. It watches children play learning games on an iPad and gives them feedback real time. Students can also do their homework after school and receive help from teachers. Construction should be completed by the end of October and things will return to normal. Tamara reminded us that volunteers are still needed for reading to students and some of our members are already doing that.