Posted by LRM on Oct 24, 2018

Rotary's World Polio Day 2018

In honor of World Polio Day, Harleysville Rotary invited Carol Ferguson, a member of the Doylestown Rotary Club and founder of a non-profit organization called Pennsylvania Polio Survivor Network, to come and speak to us. The first line of her organization's mission statement reads: "To be in Service Providing Information to Polio Survivors, Post-Polio Support Groups, Survivor's Families and Their Caregivers". Carol herself is a polio survivor. She found that as she aged the disease she had as a child came back to haunt her because of all the stress it had caused over the decades. She recognized that she  was not alone in this condition and realized that thousands of other polio victims from the 40's and 50's also were coming to terms with the long term effects of their disease. This network provides a conduit of information and support that helps polio patients cope with Post Polio Syndrome. The organization is expanding rapidly and has already been effective in several surrounding states. We thank Carol for her personal Service Above Self.