Posted by LRM on Nov 14, 2018



Bill Tuzinski who is the ShelterBox Chairperson for Rotary District 7430 met with us to discuss current activities in the program. A ShelterBox is an emergency temporary tent shelter that is sent to any area in the world that has suffered a natural disaster. The tent forms a large geodesic dome that can hold up to 10 people. Included in the large plastic container that holds the tent are many other items including a stove, water purifying system, tools, blankets, solar powered lamps, eating utensils, ropes, and a large variety of other supplies that are determined by the location and nature of the emergency. The cost of a single unit is $1,000. Harleysville Rotary has sponsored many such units sent to places unknown and to people we never meet. It is all about our global commitment to serve our fellow man. Our thanks to Bill and others who work to make this possible.