Posted by LRM on Jan 09, 2019

Leland Sapp of Peaceful Living

Leland Sapp, Chief Executive Officer of Peaceful Living in Harleysville, was our guest speaker at the our regular meeting on January 9th. Leland described the functions of this dynamic non-profit that directly benefits adults with developmental disabilities in our area. He summed up his presentation with the following mission statement designed to create Belonging through:
  • Companionship in the form of a sincere relationship built upon mutual trust and admiration;
  • Holistic Care - by helping people to live a life balanced in body, mind and spirit;
  • Enthusiasms Appreciated - sincere positive acknowledgment of the enthusiasms individuals offer to their community, (including highlighting that they are contributing in their own special way); and
  • Membership in a welcoming community that gives individuals an opportunity to thrive
We thank Leland and the rest of the staff for the important work they do in creating community in the Indian Valley.