Posted by LRM on May 01, 2019

Clemens Food Group

Craig Edisell (on left) and Keith Stahler (on right) of the Clemens Food Group spoke to the Club on April 24 at our regular meeting. This local business was founded in 1895 by John Clemens and is in it's 6th generation. Their business model has changed recently as they became a "Business Family" as opposed to the older "Family Business" model. The priority is now the business. Craig gave us the history of the organization.
Keith who handles the communications for the company, spoke about the corporate ethics and the core values which are integrity and stewardship. He described the company's commitment to ecology and the stewardship they offer by the way of corporate tithing. The operation has grown over the years and now boasts 4,000 employees speaking 12 languages and operating 3 plants, 15 farms and a transportation company in a vertically integrated business model.