Mark Singh-Heuter Classification Talk


Newer member, Mark Singh-Hueter, was raised (along with 2 younger brothers) by his American missionary parents in Papua, New Guinea and Australia and was home schooled until the 4th grade when he was sent to boarding schools for most of the rest of his formal education.  While growing up, Mark and his family had their own barbershop quartet while mom played the organ!


His college career began at Capital University in Columbus, OH where he joined the Air Force ROTC which led him to spend 4 years in the military following college!  Later he enrolled in seminary and did and internship in Manhattan, NY, which afforded him many cultural and artistic entertainment opportunities.


Along his journey he met and married his wife, on Long Island, and together they have a daughter, whom he visited in Argentina (she was temporarily there) and got to experience a local Rotary club!  


Mark loves gardening/growing vegetables and is an avid volleyball player, when we're not all quarantined and social distancing! 


Both Dean Shollenberger and Steve Godsall-Myers led Mark to join Rotary, through their mutual connection of Advent Lutheran Church in Harleysville, where Mark is the pastor, Steve is the former pastor, and Dean is a member.