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Note: For general information regarding Rotary, such as presenting to the club or soliciting funds/services, please email If you are interested in membership, please email Correspondence may be sent to Emmaus Rotary Club, P.O. Box 672, Emmaus, PA 18049.


Thursday morning we had our annual meeting with our District Governor Rick Gromis.  Gary Rohrbach had the pleasure of introducing him and explaining that Rick is form the Reading area.  Rick is a 1975 college graduate and he joined Rotary immediately after graduation.  Rick's girlfriend's father at the time was a District Governor and Rick thought it would be a great idea to join Rotary.  Rick has two children - both Rotarians - and his wife is a former President of her Rotary club.  Rick began his presentation by fining Dale $5 because he could with the power of District Governor.  Rick took the time to congratulate us on our Golf Tournament.  Rotary is making a difference.  The theme is exactly what we do as Rotarians.  Membership is declining in the US.  Rick wants all clubs to do their best to increase membership and membership retention in all clubs.  We can do this by making all members connected.  People join Rotary for three reasons: Networking, Service and Fellowship.  Next he explained about the District conference "Take a Ride on the Reading" on April 27, 28 and 29.  It is an a la carte Rotary weekend where you can attend as much or as little of the conference as you like.  The cost for the entire day on Saturday will be just $99.  The Saturday night entertainment is Bill Haley Jr and the Comets.  Rick went over his thoughts for his Rotary year for Membership, Strategic Planning, and By Laws and they are current.  All in all, it was a fine meeting.  If you want to hear the whole meeting, it will be up on our You Tube page by early next week. 

Gene Clock Former Rotarian and present President of the Knauss Homestead Preservation Society took a few moments to talk about the Knauss Homestead and where it is today.  Presently there is a board of like minded people trying to rehab the existing building and the barn.  What Gene explained in his presentation was any updating to the building had to be accomplished in a certain way because the building is listed on the Historical Registry.  Such as Painting the exterior has to be hand sanded and then can be hand painted.  No mechanical means can be used to clean the outside of the building.  Shutters need to be replaced which means wood shutters have to be manufactured to replicate the original shutters that were found on the building.  Gene went on to recognize the formidable task the society has in front of itself to complete some of the renovations to the home and the barn.  All in all the society needs about $150,000 to finalize the rehabilitation to the homestead.  I have placed the original deed to the property below to see what the tract would have looked like in the 1700's.  Today we get to enjoy the beautiful landscape which is dotted with the Emmaus Remembrance Garden which our club continues to enjoy taking care of once or twice a year.   Below is a chronological historical perspective of how the property was first settled until the late 20th century.  I do hope everyone enjoyed the presentation by Gene.  If you have a chance please stop by the Homestead and or the Emmaus Remembrance garden and enjoy the beauty Emmaus has to offer its residents and its guests. 


Heinrich Knauss built the log house behind the Superior Diner for his father, Sebastian Knauss in 1777. It remained in the Knauss family for 158 years, where seven generations of the family lived and worked.

Sebastian was one of the two men—the other being Jacob Ehrenhardt—who had given the Moravians a large tract of land to create their "congregational village," which they named Emmaus. For nearly 100 years, in order to live in Emmaus, residents had to be Moravians.

Today the homestead, which is open for tours by appointment only, is owned by the Borough of Emmaus, and operated by the Knauss Homestead Preservation Society.

The Remembrance Garden at the Knauss Homestead is a beautiful parcel of land set aside to offer sanctuary and tranquility to those who visit. Individuals are able to purchase personalized commemorative bricks to permanently record the memories of special people, things, or events in their families’ lives within the community.

        Another amazing story from one of our own.  Doug Brinker is a local born in Macungie and related to everyone (not really).  He started his picture presentation describing his experience at Camp La Jeune.  Doug graduated a year after his High School Class from Emmaus High School by taking a college English course and passing on another course.  After graduation he was driving his Mustang down Hamilton Street when his tire actually fell off.  He got out of his car saw the Marine recruiting station and asked the recruiter if he could get him out of town in ten days or less.  The recruiter asked him if he was in trouble and of course he was not but needed to get away.  Needless to say the Marines wanted to have him.  This did not make his Mom very happy but Doug finally found his way.  He wanted to be an MP and just like the service he ended up in the infantry.  During boot camp Doug broke his leg and did not tell anyone for three weeks because he did not want to redo Boot Camp.  He had his leg fixed and ended in a Recon Platoon.  Spent some time in Somalia and other countries protecting out country and our interests. 
         Doug eventually became an MP and did some interesting things.  He and his buddy decided that the Queen of England(because of a Meteor shower he was watching) needed their help so he under the influence of some Alcohol decided to drive to England.  However the Atlantic Ocean got in his way.  He put the Jeep in the Ocean making his superiors "extremely happy".  It sounded as if he really enjoyed the years he spent in the Marines. 
         Doug loves to Hunt and he loves his Motorcycles.  He lives a double life as a Financial planner by day for New Tripoli bank and Motorcycle enthusiast at night and on weekends.  He has three daughters and was recently re-married. 
         Doug's career had spanned 17 years in the Financial services industry.  He started at Edward Jones, left and opened his own business....sold it (still in operation today) and approximately three years ago started his career with New Tripoli bank and his office will be located on Buckeye road when New Tripoli Bank opens their location probably in Spring.  When you have a minute thank Doug for his service to our country and introduce your self. 
      We are trying to attach videos of our speakers and it will be coming soon.  Thank you for your patience.

Bobby McClarin a young Engineer who is a native of Bethlehem, PA saw an opportunity to help kids gain confidence, respect and self esteem through his team building exercises.  He grew up in the city's "West Side" neighborhood in a blue-collar family. Football was always his passion and playing at the Division I level was his dream. Having grown up watching the likes of Michael Stonebreaker and Ned Bolcar play for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, he always envisioned himself running out onto the hallowed grounds of South Bend.  Admittedly, he was never the fastest athlete on the football field or the quickest on the basketball court but he possessed the intangibles, an unfathomable "will" and unmatched work ethic that would lead to his successes on and off the playing field. As a result of his academic and athletic success at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA, he was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to attend the United States Naval Academy, earn a degree in engineering, serve his country, and play football at the Division I level. Prior to attending the Naval Academy, he spent two years at the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) in Newport, RI where he was initiated to the "Brotherhood" which serves as the cornerstone of Navy Football. Following his stint at NAPS, he went on to earn a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and was a key contributor to Navy's football resurgence under Paul Johnson. While starting at middle linebacker for the Midshipmen, he was the recipient of many accolades to include the 2002 Admiral Mack Award, 2004 Roger Staubach Award, 2004 College Football News All-Bowl Team among others. However, the most rewarding accomplishment in his years while at Navy was making a decision with all his brothers to commit themselves to the "never outworked, 5-Star Heart" mentality as they took a football program from 0-11 in his freshman year to Emerald Bowl Champs in his senior year posting a 10-2 record.

Upon graduation from the Academy in May of 2005, he married the love of his life Kate in June. After tying the knot with Kate, they headed to Newport, RI. Bobby was selected by Navy's coaching staff as one of four players from their graduating class to coach at NAPS for the first six months of his military obligation. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life, for he knew coaching, inspiring, and mentoring was his "True North." Following NAPS, Bobby held a wide array of leadership roles as an officer in the United States Navy and Civil Engineer Corps to include surface warfare officer, ordnance officer, visit, board, search, and seizure officer, and lead construction project manager.  After serving his five year obligation, Bobby and Kate elected to move back to the Lehigh Valley and raise a family. Today, they are proud parents of three beautiful children, Lilah, Elizabeth ("Biddy"), and Tommy.  Bobby continues to volunteer his time as a coach for Upwards Basketball, the Hurricane Club, and the Greater Bethlehem Soccer League.  In 2014, Bobby  earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Supply Chain Management from Moravian College.  Bobby is  currently employed by Air Product's spin off Versum Materials where he serves as an Operations Manager.  Bobby's love for football and passion for physical fitness as a NASE Certified Speed and Explosion Specialist inspired him to form Five Star Heart Training, LLC in 2014.  Establishing The Five Star Heart  Project in October of 2015 is his latest endeavor, an endeavor in which he hopes to affect the lives of many in a positive way throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. 

          His first summer project he had 15 football young men join him in learning how to be a Five Star Heart player and person.  In three years Bobby has grown the program to 200 plus young men in the area to become the best they can be in whatever they pursue in life be it football, engineering or carpentry.  Bobby donates his time and talents to help others become better young people creating better adults for our future.  He is looking into including a project for female athletes later this year of next but always keeping his eye on the "ball" to help motivate, educate and inspire our youth in their lives. 


Maya spent one year in Besanton France.  She attended L'Ecole National D'Horlogerie de Mercanique d'Electricite high school.  She spent a lot of time in the town of Besanton.   There were 19 other exchange students in her region but approximately 500 other exchange students in France at the same time.  One of the most interesting things I took away from her talk was that each student always carried their national flag with them at all times.  The students exchanged pins, and took the time to write on each one's flags before heading home.  
          Maya found it interesting that when traveling from France to Switzerland there were not any customs, or borders patrols.  Her French improved tremendously through out her year with her two host families.  
          Maya brought both of her parents to Rotary breakfast to enjoy her presentation along with providing some interesting side bars.  
           France has a college based school program which starts at 8:30 am with a 2 hour lunch and evening dinner usually starting at 8:30 pm.  Every two months French h students have a two week break.  Lunch as was stated could last two hours where a typical French dinner with guests could last up to 6 hours.
           Maya discussed Christmas and explained that each  person put out their shoes Christmas eve and the presents were placed by their shoes waiting to be opened Christmas day.  
         She learned to enjoy French cheese with every dinner.  Maya explained that all Meals were very long.  She showed a lot of pictures of her town but more descriptions of food, tables with food, and tables set ready for food.  
         Her host family's father was a surgeon and her mother was a Psychiatrist.  Her first two week vacation was spent in Paris.  Her other vacation was with her other exchange students traveling to 7 other countries.  She did spend some time skiing in the Alps.  She enjoyed her time in France and thanked all off us for providing the opportunity to spend time in France.
A follow up email with video will be sent of her presentation.
Thursday morning Burt announced September 23rd as our make a difference day. There will be plenty for all of us to chose from.  Burt and Gary Guthrie are putting together at least four is serving a meal at the Allentown Rescue Mission (lunch), Sprucing up Hillside School, Miracle League (one game for certain possibly two games to help with Interact students for the second game), Meal packaging 5000 meals for the community.  Gary is still looking for a painting project with Lower Macungie (not Bruce Fosselman's home).   If for some reason you are not around this weekend in September please understand any financial contribution will be very helpful.  Please help Make A Difference Day be a hugh success.
         Bill Erdman took a few minutes to talk about the Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary foundation helps serve not so lucky families that do not have food on the weekend.  We help support weekend backpacking where backpacks are filled with enough food to support that little person for the weekend because they do not have any food. We as Rotarians have been extremely blessed and believe that serving and helping humanity is something we love to do. Roger Whitcomb Quoted Winston Churchill " We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give".
       The most important part I took from this is that when you give to EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) that amount of money you give each week, each month and each year accumulates year after year accumulating for some enough to receive their Paul Harris Fellow.  Please keep giving to EREY and the foundation. 
Watch your email for a video.
For those of you who were on vacation last week or just could not make the meeting you missed a truly inspiring classification talk by David.  David started out by talking about his parents and their upbringing in Eastern Europe.  His mother is an Auschwitz survivor, his grandparents never made it to Auschwitz as they were killed by the Nazis in their home village.  His mother Magda made it through the camps. 
Image result for nazi concentration camp photos
                         (Picture from the archives of Auchwitz)
First Auschwitz and then near the end of the war she was released by the Russians and met another survivor from her home village where she had two sons.  David's brothers.  From there she met another man who took her to the movies one afternoon and was found by her Village "husband" at the movies with another gentleman where her village "husband" immediately left her.  Madga started a relationship and moved her two sons and her husband to the US.  David was born in 1954 and his parents both attended the University.  His mother became a Physical therapist starting and owning 5 physical therapy centers in the new Jersey area.  His father was also a very successful person. 
      David was extremely successful in his own right.  He was a vice president at a wall street firm well know for his execution of a margin algorithm that saved the company millions of dollars.  He wearied of the wall street life and moved to Vermont where he had two separate businesses.  Both successful but after some time sold the first business and had some partnership differences and they parted company with the second comapny.  During his time in Vermont he was a member of the local Rotary organization. 
      He started his next call which was as a trustee for a small university and found he loved working with 501 C3 organizations.  He has been a treasurer, and Director in these organizations and he currently works with the Habitat for Humanity.  Please ask David about his interesting life.  He did comment that his mother spent a lot of time returning to Europe to testify and find concentration camp Nazi officers who were trying to hide from their hideous pasts.  She felt it was her way of giving back to the people at the camps. 
       David said his mother never talked about her life in the camps to her family but would talk to complete strangers.  He wondered growing up why he always had to clean his plate and found out one day that the reason was his mother was taken by the Nazis from her home and if that ever happened again she wanted her boys to have a full stomach. 
David thank you for sharing your fascinating life with us.
Due to some confusion our second scholarship award winner from Emmaus High school will receive her award from Dr Moyer in the next few days.  She will be attending Penn State's State College campus in the fall.  She is majoring in ecological engineering. 
Ron Grew up in Illinois and graduated from Augustana College in 1967.  He knew he wanted to teach but he was not certain in which direction he wanted to go.  In 1967 after leaving college he joined the peace corps, and served in the Philippine's for two years.  He returned to the States and joined the Department of Defense School as an educator He again went abroad and taught in the Phillippine's, Taiwan and Japan for the next fifteen years.  He again returned to the States and retired from teaching.  Retirement was not enough for Ron, he then rejoined the Peace Corps Response and served in Africa in Malawi, Liberia and Namibia and Rwanda working in Education and Health. 
       Both of Ron's parents were Rotarians.  His mom and Dad were Paul Harris recipients and he believes that is where he learned to give back to humanity.  Ron is again retired but looking forward to a time when he can return to Africa and do some more good for the community. 
       Ron and his wife Glennis reside in Macungie.  He brought some amazing items he purchased or received on his many trips to the African continent.  We had the opportunity to see some of his adventures in Africa on the big Screen and most of us were awed by the beauty, and the life of someone who lives on that continent.  I believe that the most interesting fact from my standpoint is that water is truly revered and in Africa he could take a shower with one cup of water and have enough left over to have a drink. 
Dr. Tony Moyer and President Burt Duren presented Amanda with her scholarship award from the Emmaus Rotary club last Thursday morning.  Amanda was a student at LTCI(Lehigh Career and Technical Institute).  Emmaus Rotary presents two scholarship awards each year to two students, one from Emmaus High School and one student from LCTI.  Unfortunately the Emmaus High School recipient was unable to attend the ceremony last Thursday. 
Steve and Jane Auvil are true community philanthropists.  Scott Deidre pictured above with Jane and Steve presented a plaque for their generous donation to help construct an Observatory on the campus of Emmaus High School.  Thank you Steve and Jane for being committed to the Emmaus community.

Image result for island of malta

(Island of Malta where Karen was Born)

This week we enjoyed a classification talk from Karen Hobson.  Karen traveled the world and lived all over the world before finding her home in the Lehigh Valley with her husband Malcolm. 


      Karen’s father served in the British Army. She was born on the island of Malta and lived the army life in Singapore and Germany. She has been travelling and relocating internationally most of her life. 


Karen’s Mom and Sister reside in the West Country, Somerset in England.  Her younger sister is married with 2 children.


Karen came to the Lehigh Valley at the end of October 1994, with her husband Malcolm (also a Brit), heavily pregnant with her first child.  Malcolm  worked for Air Products for 27 years and now works for Olympus.


She has two sons, Finn and Rowan – both born in the Lehigh Valley, 19 months apart, both now at University.


Finn has just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Chemical Engineering – like his father. 


Rowan is in his senior year at University of Washington in Seattle studying Civil Engineering and is ROTC training with the Navy, and loving every minute of it.


Karen and her family spent 6 years in Singapore on two different Air Products assignments.

Image result for singapore skyline


They finally settled in Emmaus 2008 – both boys attending Emmaus High School.


Karen has enjoyed watching her boys playing Soccer or Tennis at the High School as she held positions in Booster clubs.


Karen has been dabbling with Silver Smithing for 18 years.  She spends one morning every week at Penn State Lehigh Valley in their Advanced Jewelry Making Class, making a lot of pendants and rings, which she wears or gives as gifts.


Karen enjoys cooking and loves friends popping over at short notice and staying for dinner.  Karen is creative and loves making many things.  


She has been working for the past 3 years in Emmaus for Ai Orthodontics, a local small practice on Harrison Street, working with Dr. Aejaaz Issa and his dynamic, friendly team.  Karen’s job focuses on Community Relations. She loves to get involved in community projects whenever she can.  She now drives a bright Orange and Purple Ai Orthodontics Toyota Highlander around the Lehigh Valley – so give her a friendly wave!


Karen is a Soroptimist of Emmaus and has been active for 3 years.  The Soroptimists, a group of  20 women friends and business associates, meet once every month.  Through their 3 annual fundraisers and other funding activities they are able to provide ongoing support to local women and girls in Emmaus, offering direct financial support, scholarships and gifts, meeting their overall objective to empower women in our community throughout the year. 


Karen is a 14 year Breast Cancer Survivor and enjoys taking part in the Women’s 5K Classic in the Lehigh Parkway.  Karen loves it here in Lehigh Valley.

Image result for breast cancer logo

Alisa or Ali as she likes to be called is a local Mom, Writer and parent of a transgender child.  What does that mean???  We found out in her brave representation of her story last Thursday morning.  Imagine having a child born a girl but never played with "girly" things.  As Ali said when she was born I had all these thoughts of what my child and I were going to do through out life, her first boyfriend, her first dance, the prom and getting married.  Ali said she noticed subtle differences as her child was growing up, at 2 she only played and dressed in boy things.  She only played with boys.  But she only saw this after her experience brought her where she is today.  Ali said she has had lots of fights along the way from haircuts to what her son wants to wear.  Ali fought a few but in the end after therapy and many years of trying to wrap her mind around it did she finally get it. Her child is a boy or what we would call a transgender individual.  He has female anatomy but in all other respects he is a boy.  Ali explained that is took her three years to grasp an understanding and being truthful it took her husband even longer.  From the bullying in the girls bathroom where her son had to hold himself all day till he got home to today where he is mostly accepted by his peers has been a journey.  It took a lot for Ali to come and tell her the story and if you were not there I am trying to upload the video of her talk with Steve Gould's help look for it very soon.  Dig deep and put yourself in her position and wonder how you would deal with this.  Ali is also running for school board in our district because as she says a lot of people told her she was qualified to do good job because of her education and experiences. A little about Alisa Bowman:
                Alisa Bowman is a professional writer and editor who has co-written dozens of books, including Raising the Transgender Child, with Dr. Michele Angello. Before 2004, Bowman admits that she didn’t know much about what it meant to be transgender. Her knowledge started and stopped with news stories about Chaz Bono. But as her child grew older, it became increasingly clear that her child was living and presenting outside of society's gender norms. That sent the Bowman family on a journey that included consultations with many experts, along with much research and soul searching. In order to find the healthiest path for their child, they were forced to confront their own stereotypes and misperceptions about gender as well as grieve the daughter they’d never truly had. Bowman's transgender son is now an honor student at LMMS who is active in theatre, martial arts, and choir, among many other hobbies.
To watch this presentation on captured video, please click the link below:
Burt opened his first meeting of his one year presidency with a club assembly.  He laid out his goals, expectations and strategies for the coming year.  Burt beefed up committees with co-chairs, added his "making a difference day" which we will be hearing more about in the near future and he has made membership retention along with growing our membership a priority.  Burt will be setting up a link so that every member will have access to see his presentation and ask questions.  In his presentation Burt provided his e-mail address and phone number so please access the link if you have any questions for Burt.  We look forward to an exciting Rotary year with Burt as our President.
       Thursday evening's Hawaiian luau was a grand success.  Nancy and Ceil out did themselves with The Hawaiian Theme.  Everyone received a Lei upon being greeted by one of our new committee co chairs Valerie.  Nancy and Ceil had Café 29 cooks cater the event with Coconut Shrimp and an assortment of Hawaiian Hors D'oeuvres.  The Main meal was delicious and since it was a BYOB event everyone had their choice of beverage with mixers provided by the committee. 
       Mark started out the evening with a traditional Hawaiian prayer asking for virility among the Rotarians present.  Look for new faces from out Rotarian brothers in 9 months.  Thank you Mark.
       Jeff continued the evening with a short recap of his year as President going over his ambitious goals and his successes.  One of his goals was to have a Social committee to get Rotarians together at lest once a month which was not a Rotary meeting.  With Ceil's and Nancy's tutelage his goal was achieved. His goal to feed 20,000 people was also achieved along with putting $10,000 extra dollars into the scholarship account for this year.  Jeff has asked that we add $10,000 every year until we can make the scholarship fund self sustaining.   
       Many Rotarians gave remarks about Jeff's year including our new President Burt Durin.  Burt complimented Jeff for a fantastic year as he is looking forward to his year as President starting this Thursday with his induction.  Of the 20 -25 Rotarians Plus spouses that were present past President Sue Straeter, First Vice President Steve Gould, Mrs Devine and several others echoed the sentiment that Jeff did a wonderful job as President for the 16-17 Rotary year.  Jeff also received his President's Pin from Cindy, and his Paul Harris pin during the evening.  Sue had some closing remarks and after 2 1/2 hours Rotarians had some time to talk and socialize informally bringing the evening to a close.  Thank you to the committee for a wonderful event.
Looks like Nancy had a great time!!!!!
Collecting everyone's empties!
If you have not been to a President's change over breakfast this is one you will not want to miss next June 28th.  Rick Grommis the new Governor Elect had a few words to say and emphasized the MAD program for the 2017-2018 Rotary year.  "Making a Difference".  We had a past Emmaus Rotarian visiting from Florida, watching the passing of the gavel the ultimate story of why Rotary works.......every past President was personally invited and all that could make the meeting stood in front of the club with a sign indicating the year served as President.  The gavel was then from the oldest Past President Wilmer Shultz, then to Carl Frantz, all the way to Jeff McElhaney and finally stopping at our current President Burt Duren.  Burt received his incoming President's pin From District Governor Rick Grommis and had the pleasure of ringing the bell to signify the end of the end of the meeting and the new Presidential year.  What a wonderful display of President's still attending and being involved in our club and activities.  The pictures below tell the story all in and of it self.  Please take a moment and look at all of the Past President's. 
Picture of the three buildings in the collapse of the Hoagie city building in June of 2013.  Sal brought a new perspective to the events of the trial where he was the expert witness helping to defend the Architect the Salvation Army hired to inspect the building on the corner. Sal helped the Architect for the Salvation Army Building by explaining his comments and his notes about what may have to be accomplished to the building after demolition.  The events started in March of 2013 when the developer from NY decided to tear down the three buildings to the left of the Salvation Army location on the corner.  The developer wanted to purchase the Salvation Army store but it was not for sale.  Jack the Architect for the Salvation Army building was asked to come in and tell Mr Fraser (who was never present at the building...FACILITIES REPRESENTATIVE) what he (Jack) thought they may need to do the building after the demolition was completed next door.  One of the things was to take care of the what would now be an interior wall and make any necessary repairs. Jack made comments in his notes and his e-mail to Mr. Fraser about the chimney that was attached to the Hoagie City building.  The Chimney would have to come down and the developer would have the responsibility of replacing he chimney.  There were some cosmetic changes that would need to be completed on the interior but nothing that would affect the integrity of the building.   
    Jack took his notes after he heard of the building collapse and rewrote them so anyone else reading them would understand them and then destroyed the originals.  A mistake Jack later realized because the attorney's thought he was hiding something.  Sal as a witness reported that most if not all Architects have their own way of taking notes and the average person would not be able to read them.  Jack was excluded from the award because of Sal's testimony but in the end there was an award of over $200 million dollars of which the Salvation Army was responsible for 75% of that award.  This trial decided who was responsible for the Salvation Army employees and any other persons that were hurt or killed as a result.  The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspection person that was on the site at all times took his life approx. 8 days after the collapse bringing the total loss of life to 8 people.  The developer was asked to pay 5% of the award and others involved in the demolition of the building were asked to pay the rest of the 20%.  This was a tragedy that may have been avoided if the developer and the demolition contractor would have taken the necessary precautions to protect the people inside the building and the pedestrians on the sidewalk walking by the site. 
    This was an amazing story and we all thank Sal for giving this update to what happened those days in 2013. 
We are collecting slightly used Children’s Summer Clothes along with the students at Emmaus High school and teachers in a joint project.
The Clothes will be taken to Mfuwe, Zambia for the children at the local village school who are in need of  clothing. 
Please bring clothing to the Rotary Meetings each week between now and mid-July.
Any questions, please contact Cindy Hornaman:, (610) 360-4875
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
       Jim Pamlquist discussed the recently enacted "The Caregiver Advise, Record & Enable Act".   By 2060 the population of 85 and older Pennsylvanians is expected more than double from what it is now.  What does that mean?  That means older Pennsylvanians will be counting more on family members for care than ever before.  Presently there are approximately 1.5 million caregivers in Pa, and these caregivers are taking over 1.5 billion hours of unpaid leave to help their family members at the expense of their lives.  What does a caregiver do besides provide support both emotionally and physically? They manage medications (this can include injections and IV solutions), they help with mobility, prepare meals, do wound care, and provide physicians with daily and sometimes hourly results from using monitors or meters(stethoscopes, blood pressure results, oxygen saturation, and Glucometer monitoring to name just a few). 
        So why is the care act so important?  It provides your loved one the opportunity to designate a caregiver, it ensures that the hospitals (medical facilities)include the caregiver in the discharge planning and provide necessary training for your loved one's care once they go home.  This act also allows the hospital to consult with the caregiver, and let the caregiver ask questions about the care needed for their loved one. 
        The hospital stay is the first in a many stepped procedure to get your loved one healthy again.  The Care Act only helps a patient designate a caregiver, and have that caregiver trained to take care of them after discharge from a medical facility.  If you have any questions about the Care Act please act Jim or reach out to AARP.ORG/PA they have a tremendous amount of resources for you to utilize to find answers to many questions you may have.
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
What an interesting day.  First a meeting with our District Governor Rick Gromis who explained that during his year as president we will all be M.A.D.  (Making a Difference).  Members from our club that attended the meeting were Cindy Hornaman, Burt Durin, Tony Moyer, Alicia Ruiz Orbin.  We learned about strategic planning from Cindy and what we need to do as a club to move forward with our long term planning (three years out).  I also attended Foundation training with Tony Jannetta.  President Elects spent their breakfast meeting going over their needs for their Presidential year beginning July 1 2017.  I know I DID NOT DO THIS WONDERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE JUSTICE, but rest assured this is an enlightening for all that attended.  You will also get to meet other Rotary clubs, their Presidents and members.   Make yourself available for the next meeting coming up in the fall.
District Governor Elect below 
Don't miss the next Rotary leadership meeting November 4th 2017.  You will learn a lot about Your Rotary.
Alicia, Valerie and Don had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Cuba and the Dominican Republic.   Valerie and Alicia helped students learn English as a second language.  Since the Dominican is heavily invested in tourism it is important for anyone that wants a better job to learn English.  Spending time and energy is what Valerie and Alicia helping to accomplish the goal of having a workforce versed in a second language.  Don explored making paper helping increase productivity by over 500%   Everyone learned that teamwork especially when making paper by hand helps produce more paper thereby helping their friends have more paper to sell making more money for their families.  Everyone then contributed in building an addition to another persons home with concrete block, and concrete.  Hard work but after 15 years of getting block and putting his home together they helped another person realize his dreams.  Everyone on the trip realized how blessed they are to have what they have and the ability to give back.  Please see the pictures of their trip:
Thursday morning we had the pleasure of inducting 5 new members into the Emmaus Rotary Club.  JP Raynock the membership chair lead off the meeting introducing the sponsors and the sponsors introduced their member.  Bob Goehler introduced his friend and new member Doug Reichley,  John Zayaitz introduced his member Doug Brinker Bruce Fosselman introduced Sal Verrastro, Alicia Ruiz Orbin introduced Rose Galleano Phillips and last but not least was JP Raynock introducing John Kunes(John had a previous engagement and was unable to attend).  Bryce Was asked to speak by Bruce Fosselman and bryce invited all of the new members to Rotary International and a service organization with its motto service above self.  He also gave each new member a membership packet.  Don Blose another committee member gave each new member a Rotary tee shirt to be worn at any and all Rotary events where we work as a team.  He also presented each member with their framed certificate of membership.  Don introduced Valerie who described the Rotary wheel which is a 24 cog 6 spoke gear known the world over as the Rotary symbol.  Valerie also handed out a new Rotary Pin a symbol she described through the words of Rotary International President Bob Barth which says this about the wearer "You Can rely on me, I am dependable, I am reliable.  I give more than I take, and I am available."  JP Introduced Steve LaPierre another membership committee member, who spoke about the 4 way test.  Below is a picture of the sponsors and our newest members.
The Romanian Connection visited our club last week.  Alexander was the leader of the Rotary Exchange with Romania.  What a fantastic group of people.  They had a really good time at our meeting where we were introduced to Romania through the eyes of Alexander.  Unfortunately the sound system at Brookside kept cutting out and we could not hear him speak but the pictures were worth a thousand words.  From the Carpathian Gardens to learning that Romania has the largest concentration of Brown Bears in Europe everyone was educated on the Republic of Moldavia and Romania.  Their Rotary club is only about 17 years old because the former Government did not allow clubs such as Rotary to exist.  The Romanians gained their independence in 1990 and  have been moving forward ever since. 
       We enjoyed pictures of the Danube Delta, the Bears Cave, and the salt mine health and wellness center located in an old salt mine.  Bucharest and the Palace of Parliament were some of the high-lites we were educated on as well as the promotion of Prince Charles(Charles Ottley). 
        In 2000 Rotary International requested that Romania have its own district because up until then they were part of the French district in Paris.    Romanians enjoy watching European Football, and baking using Bulg(corn), and raising sheep.  They are know for their pottery, art and tourism.  If you ever have the chance take part in a Rotary exchange or if you cannot travel take some of our exchange guests in and learn about a new culture.  Our next Rotary exchange is to Sweden coming up this August. 
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