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The Emmaus Rotary Golf Tournament Committee is pleased to announce details of the club's 10th annual golf tournament and open up registration.
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Picture of the three buildings in the collapse of the Hoagie city building in June of 2013.  Sal brought a new perspective to the events of the trial where he was the expert witness helping to defend the Architect the Salvation Army hired to inspect the building on the corner. Sal helped the Architect for the Salvation Army Building by explaining his comments and his notes about what may have to be accomplished to the building after demolition.  The events started in March of 2013 when the developer from NY decided to tear down the three buildings to the left of the Salvation Army location on the corner.  The developer wanted to purchase the Salvation Army store but it was not for sale.  Jack the Architect for the Salvation Army building was asked to come in and tell Mr Fraser (who was never present at the building...FACILITIES REPRESENTATIVE) what he (Jack) thought they may need to do the building after the demolition was completed next door.  One of the things was to take care of the what would now be an interior wall and make any necessary repairs. Jack made comments in his notes and his e-mail to Mr. Fraser about the chimney that was attached to the Hoagie City building.  The Chimney would have to come down and the developer would have the responsibility of replacing he chimney.  There were some cosmetic changes that would need to be completed on the interior but nothing that would affect the integrity of the building.   
    Jack took his notes after he heard of the building collapse and rewrote them so anyone else reading them would understand them and then destroyed the originals.  A mistake Jack later realized because the attorney's thought he was hiding something.  Sal as a witness reported that most if not all Architects have their own way of taking notes and the average person would not be able to read them.  Jack was excluded from the award because of Sal's testimony but in the end there was an award of over $200 million dollars of which the Salvation Army was responsible for 75% of that award.  This trial decided who was responsible for the Salvation Army employees and any other persons that were hurt or killed as a result.  The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspection person that was on the site at all times took his life approx. 8 days after the collapse bringing the total loss of life to 8 people.  The developer was asked to pay 5% of the award and others involved in the demolition of the building were asked to pay the rest of the 20%.  This was a tragedy that may have been avoided if the developer and the demolition contractor would have taken the necessary precautions to protect the people inside the building and the pedestrians on the sidewalk walking by the site. 
    This was an amazing story and we all thank Sal for giving this update to what happened those days in 2013. 
We are collecting slightly used Children’s Summer Clothes along with the students at Emmaus High school and teachers in a joint project.
The Clothes will be taken to Mfuwe, Zambia for the children at the local village school who are in need of  clothing. 
Please bring clothing to the Rotary Meetings each week between now and mid-July.
Any questions, please contact Cindy Hornaman:, (610) 360-4875
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
       Jim Pamlquist discussed the recently enacted "The Caregiver Advise, Record & Enable Act".   By 2060 the population of 85 and older Pennsylvanians is expected more than double from what it is now.  What does that mean?  That means older Pennsylvanians will be counting more on family members for care than ever before.  Presently there are approximately 1.5 million caregivers in Pa, and these caregivers are taking over 1.5 billion hours of unpaid leave to help their family members at the expense of their lives.  What does a caregiver do besides provide support both emotionally and physically? They manage medications (this can include injections and IV solutions), they help with mobility, prepare meals, do wound care, and provide physicians with daily and sometimes hourly results from using monitors or meters(stethoscopes, blood pressure results, oxygen saturation, and Glucometer monitoring to name just a few). 
        So why is the care act so important?  It provides your loved one the opportunity to designate a caregiver, it ensures that the hospitals (medical facilities)include the caregiver in the discharge planning and provide necessary training for your loved one's care once they go home.  This act also allows the hospital to consult with the caregiver, and let the caregiver ask questions about the care needed for their loved one. 
        The hospital stay is the first in a many stepped procedure to get your loved one healthy again.  The Care Act only helps a patient designate a caregiver, and have that caregiver trained to take care of them after discharge from a medical facility.  If you have any questions about the Care Act please act Jim or reach out to AARP.ORG/PA they have a tremendous amount of resources for you to utilize to find answers to many questions you may have.
Image result for pictures of older people and caregivers
What an interesting day.  First a meeting with our District Governor Rick Gromis who explained that during his year as president we will all be M.A.D.  (Making a Difference).  Members from our club that attended the meeting were Cindy Hornaman, Burt Durin, Tony Moyer, Alicia Ruiz Orbin.  We learned about strategic planning from Cindy and what we need to do as a club to move forward with our long term planning (three years out).  I also attended Foundation training with Tony Jannetta.  President Elects spent their breakfast meeting going over their needs for their Presidential year beginning July 1 2017.  I know I DID NOT DO THIS WONDERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE JUSTICE, but rest assured this is an enlightening for all that attended.  You will also get to meet other Rotary clubs, their Presidents and members.   Make yourself available for the next meeting coming up in the fall.
District Governor Elect below 
Don't miss the next Rotary leadership meeting November 4th 2017.  You will learn a lot about Your Rotary.
Alicia, Valerie and Don had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Cuba and the Dominican Republic.   Valerie and Alicia helped students learn English as a second language.  Since the Dominican is heavily invested in tourism it is important for anyone that wants a better job to learn English.  Spending time and energy is what Valerie and Alicia helping to accomplish the goal of having a workforce versed in a second language.  Don explored making paper helping increase productivity by over 500%   Everyone learned that teamwork especially when making paper by hand helps produce more paper thereby helping their friends have more paper to sell making more money for their families.  Everyone then contributed in building an addition to another persons home with concrete block, and concrete.  Hard work but after 15 years of getting block and putting his home together they helped another person realize his dreams.  Everyone on the trip realized how blessed they are to have what they have and the ability to give back.  Please see the pictures of their trip:
Thursday morning we had the pleasure of inducting 5 new members into the Emmaus Rotary Club.  JP Raynock the membership chair lead off the meeting introducing the sponsors and the sponsors introduced their member.  Bob Goehler introduced his friend and new member Doug Reichley,  John Zayaitz introduced his member Doug Brinker Bruce Fosselman introduced Sal Verrastro, Alicia Ruiz Orbin introduced Rose Galleano Phillips and last but not least was JP Raynock introducing John Kunes(John had a previous engagement and was unable to attend).  Bryce Was asked to speak by Bruce Fosselman and bryce invited all of the new members to Rotary International and a service organization with its motto service above self.  He also gave each new member a membership packet.  Don Blose another committee member gave each new member a Rotary tee shirt to be worn at any and all Rotary events where we work as a team.  He also presented each member with their framed certificate of membership.  Don introduced Valerie who described the Rotary wheel which is a 24 cog 6 spoke gear known the world over as the Rotary symbol.  Valerie also handed out a new Rotary Pin a symbol she described through the words of Rotary International President Bob Barth which says this about the wearer "You Can rely on me, I am dependable, I am reliable.  I give more than I take, and I am available."  JP Introduced Steve LaPierre another membership committee member, who spoke about the 4 way test.  Below is a picture of the sponsors and our newest members.
The Romanian Connection visited our club last week.  Alexander was the leader of the Rotary Exchange with Romania.  What a fantastic group of people.  They had a really good time at our meeting where we were introduced to Romania through the eyes of Alexander.  Unfortunately the sound system at Brookside kept cutting out and we could not hear him speak but the pictures were worth a thousand words.  From the Carpathian Gardens to learning that Romania has the largest concentration of Brown Bears in Europe everyone was educated on the Republic of Moldavia and Romania.  Their Rotary club is only about 17 years old because the former Government did not allow clubs such as Rotary to exist.  The Romanians gained their independence in 1990 and  have been moving forward ever since. 
       We enjoyed pictures of the Danube Delta, the Bears Cave, and the salt mine health and wellness center located in an old salt mine.  Bucharest and the Palace of Parliament were some of the high-lites we were educated on as well as the promotion of Prince Charles(Charles Ottley). 
        In 2000 Rotary International requested that Romania have its own district because up until then they were part of the French district in Paris.    Romanians enjoy watching European Football, and baking using Bulg(corn), and raising sheep.  They are know for their pottery, art and tourism.  If you ever have the chance take part in a Rotary exchange or if you cannot travel take some of our exchange guests in and learn about a new culture.  Our next Rotary exchange is to Sweden coming up this August. 

This is very interesting. About 25-Years ago, while I was  Manager for True Value, I went to a unique  Symposium at the former Bethlehem Steel Offices on top of South Mountain. It was a Luncheon being held to explain the importance of providing Clean Water For The World. I don’t remember the name of the Leader, who was the Main Speaker, followed by several young College Students that had just come back from Africa where they were working on a Water Project. This was before Solar Electric Power was really in vogue. One thing that “Stuck With Me All These Years Was The Closing Comment Made By The Main Speaker”. IN THE FUTURE WARS WILL NOT BE FOUGHT OVER LAND, OIL OR MONEY, THEY WILL BE FOUGHT OVER GETTING CLEAN WATER!

This short Video, sent to me by a Jewish Friend, now living in Arizona, shows what some of the Israel Nation is doing to help Africa get Clean Water to some Villages in Africa! This Video shows what can be done when People Work Together To Help Other Areas Of The World!

I know that Rotary International & Engineers Without Borders also are doing this work as well. Solar Power is driving a lot of Projects in areas of the World where Electricity just isn’t available like everyone in the US has.


John Washington a Rotarian from the Conshocken Club stopped by with an important message.  A little about John: He was in law enforcement for 21 years as a Lt. supervising 20 other Bicycle police officers on the University of Penn campus.  Their police force was 125 strong for a campus in Philadelphia and it also as its own SWAT team.  John was shot twice in the line of duty both time he had his vest on.  He lives with a back that has been broken three times and he has three rods  keeping him upright.  I am going to try an paint a picture of John as I met him on Thursday morning.  A gentleman is putting his presentation together but he has on Plaid Bermuda shorts, an orange shirt with a United States Customs Fire Arms specialist shirt.  He is balding about 5'10" tall with a pair of sun glasses hanging on the back of his head. (Dale took advantage of his looking out of the back of his head) John is a very interesting guest.  He first found out about Rotary through a program we had called GSA and he traveled to a third world country for a 6-8 weeks experience that was cut short because of the economy in the country and the fact that every Rotary club had disbanded and they had no where to live.  But John being an avid firefighter for over 40 years promised to come back and donate necessary items to the fire department in the town he was visiting. 
        To make a really long story short John went back 5 years later and donated $2500 worth of fire equipment to the town.   Coming back to the states after his first return trip, he met up with a Rotary member and the member asked why he did not ask Rotary for a matching grant to make his monies go farther.  John said because even though he was a GSA member he never was asked to become a Rotarian.  He was then asked and now has been a Rotarian for over 13 years and has made the town he visits every few years very happy going back three times to give them the much needed fire equipment they desperately needed.  He has helped one fine young women become the only Female Paul Harris recipient in this country by negotiating the fire equipment (holding it hostage until they made her a Paul Harris). 
       John's story is called P.R.I.D.E.  and is an acronym to help other Rotarians remember that no one is going to toot our horn better the we will.  Ask other like minded people if they would like to join Rotary.  Make sure when you have a project everyone knows about it and we invite the media and utilize Social Media.  Know when other clubs meet so if you meet someone and they cannot make an Emmaus Rotary meeting but are more comfortable with Allentown West tell them the time and place where they meet so we can build Rotary everywhere not only in our club.  He asked JP a question about membership and how we guide new members through the process.  JP handled it extremely well. 
      To sum it up John had presentation that was right on target for all Rotarians.  He did think we had some work to do in the area of diversity, we have gender diversity but we lack in color and culture diversity.   Keep Rotary in the fore front of all you do, toot or own horn and keep the humanitarian projects going. 
Below is a picture of John's club receiving the Community service of the year award for Plymouth Whitemarsh/Conschocken Rotary Club
Rotarians took to their rakes and shovels this past Saturday morning to spruce up the Rotary Garden & Planter located
at the Weiss Food Market on the corner of Chestnut Street and Cedar Crest Blvd in Emmaus.  The planter was weeded and
a new design of fresh plants and flowers was installed under the expert direction of Master Gardener Geoff Boyer.
Be sure to check it out as you drive by.
Pictured left to right:  Gary Guthrie, Jim Ritter, Doug Brinker, Geoff Boyer, Rory King, Steve La Pierre and Bob Rust.
If you were not there Thursday morning you missed an incredible journey three people took from the village of Mfuwe Zambia to Emmaus Pa.  Cindy and Chris Hornaman met Charles while on a trip several years ago. Put the bug in his ear for Charles to consider starting a Rotary club.   Charles started the first club in Mfuwe in October 2012.  From there history has been made.  Between Cindy, the East Penn School district, and the Rotary foundation they came together for this international project bringing two teachers from Zambia to the US to share ideas and curriculum and then East Penn is sending two teachers to Zambia this summer for a trip of a lifetime to share and learn about their school, their needs, and to help in any way they can.  Charles is the former Principle of the secondary school.  He now is an entrepreneur with several businesses he runs out of his home.  
Charles brought two incredible people with him we were first introduced to Judy Chinyemba (pic at the end of this story) who is a teacher at the school.  Judy has a BA in Education, with a major in Geography, and a minor in history.  She speaks 4 different languages and she enjoys swimming, net ball and traveling.  She is part of a large family and she is still single. 
                                Picture of their school
                                                        Picture of their village
Next we were introduced to Tim Tembo.  Tim is married a BS in education with a major in science.  He teaches Physics along with other science courses.  Tim loves football (soccer), badminton and anything athletic.  (pic below)
Following are some pictures of the wildlife that you can see in this truly wonderful country.
                                        Judy Charles and Tim
Of course without the help of a very special person at East Penn Cindy could not have accomplished all she has since she started this project.  Below is a picture with Laura Groh (Community At large representative) and Cindy along with our guests, Judy, Charles and Tim.
       In attendance we had our current DISTRICT GOVERNOR LINDA YOUNG, along with 4 past district governors,our superintendent for East Penn and 75 Rotarians and some family members.   
Thursday morning we had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Brown and Max Hafner our two Interact club members that chose to present their take on the 4 way test in a speech format.  Each of these young men were winners with respect to the way they presented themselves and their take on how the 4 way test and how it can interact with their lives and the lives of others.  Max was first with his take on the new racism in our country.  The school districts are dealing with a new hate, Emmaus found swastikas in the school, Southern Lehigh Heil Hilter salutes, but this does not stop at our schools it affects our whole country on the county, State and Federal level.  Over 100 Jewish schools were defiled with anti-semantic hate remarks, within the past several months. 
   Max has a solution and it begins with third graders and ends with seventh graders.  Start educating our children that hate, racism, anti-semanticism are not acceptable and start with small programs in the third grade, finishing with seventh grade teaching and showing what happened during WWII, the holocaust.  He believes if people see and understand what took place they will learn that acceptance is better for humanity than building hate and a racist society.  Is it fair to all concerned yes because it builds good will for everyone, is it the truth, yes it is, is it beneficial to all concerned since it builds a society that will be more understanding.  Will it build better friendships.... yes it will.
    Ben took another direction and asked the question why does cash exist?  His proposition is to eliminate cash.  Transfer everything to a cashless society and use bitcoins instead.  An online currency that is almost completely anonymous.  Why do you makes it a lot harder for criminals to laundry bitcoins than it is for them to laundry money.  Is cash the truth Ben believes it is not since originally cash was an IOU something you traded for something else.  It is fair to all concerned it depends on where you are in life and basically Ben believes it is not fair to all concerned.  It gives criminals the ability to transfer cash everywhere.  It is not fair to all concerned.  Thirdly will it bring goodwill and better friendships.  It may stop crime on most levels.  Since no one would be carrying cash there would be nothing to steal from anyone.  Is it beneficial to all concerned, in a Swedish study where cash has been almost totally extinct the number of bank robberies from one period of study to the next decreased over 900%.  When cash was available in the banks there were 110 robberies.  When cash was eliminated the robberies went down to 11 because there was nothing of importance to take from the banks. 
   Ben and Max did an excellent job of positioning themselves and their ideas to coincide with the 4 way test.  It may not be anything we have thought about but it certainly will make us think a little different about hate, racism and our cash.  We are building character into our youth through the 4-way test and our Interact club at Emmaus High School.
Thank You…  Thank You…  Thank You…  Thank You…
Our final collection on Thursday brought our total Pasta collection to 188.  We also collected 90 boxes of macaroni and cheese.  Once again Rotary Works!
Jeff's presentation was a compilation of where we were and where we are headed.  He described the community projects from boxing and delivering 20,000 meals to the wonderful mixers Ceil and Nancy have been sponsoring for our club. 
-House Barn, Alburtis Tavern, Phantoms,
LCTI, Interact Meeting, Superior…

Triple Sun & Yergey’s, Recognition Dinner
His next challenge was to revamp the membership process and with the help of JP and his committee the task was completed with JP and his team coming up with an incentive plan to gain new members.
Jeff's next challenge was to create a fund raiser to help sustain the scholarship fund which will start with a mixer at Yergey's next month.
He surprised us all with the annual donation to the foundation which this year we exceeded our goals by more than 100% with the help of some of our club members and grants from the Rotary foundation.
All in all Jeff has met most of his lofty goals he set out to meet at the beginning of his Presidency.  He still would like to see everyone give to EREY and make that magic number of $126.50 for every member.
Please take a moment and thank Jeff for a great year as President!

             Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting several people from Good Shepard Neuro Rehabilitation Center.  Sue Golden the Administrative Director a Physical Therapist, Jenna Sopp Occupational Therapist with her specialty being vision, and Kelly Raub a speech therapist with a specialty in treating the cancer patient.   

Sue started by telling her story about being a Migraine sufferer for over 20 years.  With a mix of muscle therapy and corrective actions on her part such as sitting correctly she has diminished her usage of pain medication to less than 5 times the past 4 years.  This is considerable since prior to her therapy she was taking mediation every week. 

                The basis of what we learned is that Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy have come a long way on helping people have a renewed sense of living.  Not all therapy works but when it does it changes people’s lives.  Good Shepard utilizes the newest equipment in helping people do things that they could not do after a life changing event (accident, Illness).  They use robotics to help people walk that have not walked in some time.  They spend time learning and developing new processes that helps everyone that walks in their door.  They teach patients how to cope with Macular Degeneration, or how to talk correctly after Chemo-therapy. 

                Sue, Jenna and Kelly did an excellent job helping Rotarians understand that there are options after an accident or illness to help someone get better or just maintain their current quality of life.  So please take the time to share what we were told, look up the Neuro Therapy options at Good Shepard and live a happier and better life.

Jerry Waxler a writer of four books, self proclaimed hippy from the sixties looking for a way to understand his life turned to introspection which helped him shift his life's direction.  He detailed how writing his own memoir brought him from a discouraging perspective to a more hopeful perspective in his life.  From a man who studied Math and Physics using those skills to become a computer programmer, and technical left his life with some "holes"  He wanted to better understand himself and other people.  He went back to school and now has a Master's degree in counseling psychology learning more about the human mind and how to connect with other people.  He simply learned to understand people you need to listen and care and people will open up to you.  How you increase your power of mutual understanding you can learn through the art of storytelling.  He has used his skills to teach the art of memoir writing his own books, Memoir revolution, How to become a Heroic writer, Learn to write your memoir, and Thinking my way to the end of the world.  
        He took the time to teach us how to transform memories into stories.  First of all overcome your fears, your reluctance and your self-doubts.  Then take that and then turn your memories into a written story.  Remember to write everything down and after you have this accomplished organize your memories into a story and you can do this basing your story on your life's timeline.  You will need to transform your story with some dramatic tension the reason to have the reader want to read your memoir, add a theme to help convert your life's incidents into a story.  Add all of your life's stories mix in some tea leaves, sprinkle it with magic dust and get to work.  IF NOTHING ELSE YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER PERSPECTIVE ON YOUR LIFE AND LEAVE A MEMORY FOR YOUR PRESENT FAMILY AND THE GENERATIONS THAT ARE YET TO COME.
        Have you been touched by the March of Dimes?  The question Ashley Fulmer (Business Development Person for the March of Dimes) posed  to all who attended the Thursday morning meeting last week.  Her answer is we all have been touched by the March of Dimes.  If you have ever been given an Apgar score, taken folic acid, or had a polio vaccination you were touched by the march of Dimes. 
        FDR created the March of Dimes in 1938 with the original goal of eliminating Polio.  Dr Jonas Salk developed the cure and probably all of us has had the Polio vaccination.  
        In the early 70's the March of Dimes changed directions to help babies to be born healthy.  1 in every 10 babies is born premature which in and of itself created health issues for small children.  This does not take into account the other health issues babies have when born.  Since 1970 the March of Dimes has raised over $900 million for research into health issues the research to help end the these issues for children. 
        Ashley is responsible for two fund raisers for the March of Dimes in our area.  Her largest fund raising team last year with a little over $14, 000 was our own John and Debbie Chisca.  We are proud to recognize John and Debbie for their hard work and dedication to the March of Dimes"
and what they represent.  "The March for babies" will take place on Sunday April 30th and the goal for the Lehigh Valley is to raise over $500,000 for the March of Dimes this year.  The monies are utilized for research to find the cure for health risks for children.  If you have a chance to go and support John and his team on April 30th please do so, if not remember what the March of Dimes stands for and how far they have come from their beginning when FDR asked people of the US to give anything even if it only a DIME. 
          Thursday evening February 2nd a group of approximately 65 people met at the Willow Lane Elementary School.  Jeff McElhaney along with the organizers Michele and Bobby put us to work helping to feed people in need.  Jeff led us with a few words explaining the evening and introducing Bobby and Michele.  Bobby and Michele spread their outreach program, I believe he said over four States and the District of Columbia.  Jeff introduced the President of the Emmaus Food bank and she thanked us for the meals we were donating to the approximately 120 East Penn Families that use the food bank in our immediate area.  
           In all there were six stations of 10 people including children, Interact students and Rotarians and their families. Along with the Emmaus Rotarians there were other Valley rotary groups helping with the cause.  As we put on our  hair nets, plastic gloves, and aprons we broke up in groups filling special bags with nutritious soy protein, beans, vegetables and rice to be used by a family of four to six to have a meal with the proper nutrition.
           On the other side of the cafeteria the groups were putting together macaroni and cheese dinners for other families.  In all we filled about 20000 meals with some of the meals going to our local food bank at Bethany Bible Church in Emmaus.  
           A special thank you to Tony Moyer the Principal at Willow Lane Elementary School for providing the facility, the fellowship, the delicious meal and snacks and the time we had to spend together as friends, and especially Rotarians.  
This past Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Susan Bartels the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters LV (BBBSLV).  Susan was introduced by Bryce where he and Mike Lahanas serve by being board members.  She has been the CEO and director for the past three years where she oversees all aspects of the organization's fund development and program expansion for Lehigh and Northampton counties.  Susan has taken the organization from 300 to 415 the number of "little's" that are currently being mentored by a "Big".  Bigs are the adults that come to mentor the children and little's are the children being mentored.  Susan is currently looking for approximately 100 new mentors for the program. 
         She and Bryce will be working with the Emmaus Rotary to form a sub committee to see how the Emmaus Rotary club can help BBBSLV with their ongoing needs.  Bryce shared his experiences as a child when he was part of the program BBBS.  Susan has moved the offices of BBBSLV from Macungie area to Allentown where BBBSLV inherited a church and its facilities to expand their organization.  Currently Susan has taken on a group of littles on a weekly basis at the new location providing fellowship and ministry to the littles who do not have a mentor to help them. 
         Susan is extremely active in getting area non profit leaders working together to achieve some common goals.  She is a gold standard recipient(only 17 BBBS local organizations received this award) a prestigious award recognizing her hard work and dedication based on metrics within the BBBS National Organization.  Susan has a Master's in Social Work from Temple University and resides in Upper Black Eddy with her husband Denny and son Dean.  She also is a Big Sister to Lee Lee at Jefferson school.  We look forward to helping Bryce and Mike helping the Big Brothers Big sisters of the Lehigh Valley.
At the December 8 meeting of Emmaus Rotary Club, Gary Guthrie - Chairman of the Community Service Committee - presented a $4,000 check to Kathee Rhode - Executive Director of the Lower Macungie Library - as funding for a 3-D printer.  The Community Service Committee secured a $2,000 grant from Rotary District 7430 which was combined with $2,000 from Emmaus Rotary Club to purchase the 3-D printer.  Ms. Rhode shared plans for the printer and invited club members to visit the library to see the printer in action.
On December 15 – and for the third year in a row - the Emmaus High School Select Choir performed a program of a capella Christmas music at Emmaus Rotary Club.  A few of the songs performed by the choir included:
  • A medley of Carol of the Bells and Angels, We Have Heard on High
  • Mary, Did You Know?
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • See Dat Babe
Members also enjoyed several songs by Fermata Nowhere – an all-male group from the Select Choir.  A few of the songs performed by the guys included:
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  • A unique version of The Twelve Days of Christmas
  • I Saw Three Ships
Thanks very much to all of the students and to Rita Cortez, Director of Choral Programs at Emmaus High School, for the sharing their holiday spirit and wonderful talent with our club!
Platte Moring delivered his classification talk to Emmaus Rotary Club on November 17.  Platte was sponsored by Bob Rust when he joined our club earlier this year.  In commemoration of Veterans Day, Platte graciously shared his presentation about his deployment to Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004.
Platte began his presentation by mentioning that Rick Zayaitz and Jim Ritter were classmates of his at Emmaus High School.  Platte was accepted at Princeton University and joined ROTC to help pay his way through school.  Platte served in the Army Reserves for four years and joined the JAG Corp after graduation from Vanderbilt Law School.  Platte then served as a legal officer for 25 years in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  In his civilian life, Platte practices law at the Lehigh Valley law office of White & Williams.
Following the September 11 attacks, Platte believed his Guard unit might be called up to active duty.  On Valentine’s Day 2003 (also his wife’s birthday), Platte received notice that his unit had been called up.  For the first time – at age 45, Platte began serving as a full-time soldier. 
Platte’s unit was originally slated to provide support to US troops in Iraq as they moved toward Baghdad from Kuwait.  However, troop movements happened much faster than anticipated eliminating any support needs from Platte’s unit.  The unit’s mission was changed to assist in rebuilding Afghanistan’s government and infrastructure following the defeat of the Taliban.  After training for three months at Fort Dix, Platte’s unit arrived in Afghanistan in June 2003. 
Platte shared many aspects of life in Afghanistan including the abject poverty endured by most citizens, proliferation of land mines, lack of electric power and clean water, rudimentary educational methods and treatment of Afghan women.
Shortly after his arrival in Afghanistan, Platte’s commander noted his JAG insignia and directed him to work with the Italian military which was tasked with developing a new legal system and constitution.  He described his participation in the development of many elements of the new Afghan constitution.  Platte also related the moving story of his attendance at the constitutional convention.  He was literally present at the birth of the new Afghan nation when the delegates voted to adopt the constitution.
Platte learned that the Afghan legal system put very little emphasis on the accused being represented by competent defense counsel.  Rather, the courts generally favored the prosecution unless the accused was able to bribe the judge for a reduced sentence or acquittal.  Platte lobbied his commander for permission to teach a course at Kabul University to train defense lawyers.  When he was turned down, Platte decided to teach the course anyway!  He joked that his Afghan students were not like American students – They were more mature, always prepared, eager to learn and sober. He praised the dedication of his students which included several women.
Platte shared many more stories and memories from his deployment too numerous to mention here.  He has written a book documenting his experiences entitled Honor First – A Citizen Shoulder in Afghanistan.
Platte ended his presentation by reading the words of Judge William Young from a transcript of the sentencing hearing for Richard Reid – the terrorist convicted of attempting to ignite a bomb in his shoe on an American Airlines flight in December 2001.  A copy of Judge Young’s eloquent and forceful statement in defense of freedom can be found by clicking here.
Congressman Charlie Dent was the speaker at the August 25, 2016 meeting of Emmaus Rotary Club.  Congressman Dent represents the 15th Congressional District in Pennsylvania which includes all of Lehigh County, and portions of Northampton, Berks, Dauphin and Lebanon counties.
Congressman Dent is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and is Chairman of the House Committee on Ethics.  In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.  He is also a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies.
Congressman Dent shared an update on the work of his committees including the appropriations bill for Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.  This bill, which provides funding to fight the Zika virus in addition to core spending for a variety of military and veterans programs, passed the House in June.  But, disagreements on the Zika portion of the bill have so far prevented passage in the U.S. Senate.  Congressman Dent also discussed issues involving embassy security and foreign assistance and a recent trip to Estonia and Ukraine regarding these issues.
In response to club member questions, Congressman Dent discussed his views on the 2016 Presidential race, experiences during his time on the House Committee on Ethics, and the complicated interplay between prescription drug benefits under Medicare and VA programs, as well as humorous comments about former House Speaker John Boehner’s statements about Senator Ted Cruz.
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