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Welcome to Emmaus Rotary!


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 7:30 AM
Brookside Country Club
901 Willow Lane
Macungie, PA  18062
United States of America
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All Rotarians and guests of Rotarians are welcome!

Note: For general information regarding Rotary, such as presenting to the club or soliciting funds/services, please email If you are interested in membership, please email Correspondence may be sent to Emmaus Rotary Club, P.O. Box 672, Emmaus, PA 18049.


Haddonfield, NJ - July 4, 2018: At a fourth of July parade, the local Rotary club carry flags of the world and a banner reading 'Doing good. Having fun doing it.'
Rotary clubs from all over doing what we do all the time---HAVING FUN IN A PARADE IN NEW JERSEY
     Each one of us comes into Rotary with a different idea, passion or a gift they know they can share.   What was the motivation behind your reason to join the largest service organization in the world?  Somewhere in your heart you wanted to help someone in need, help during a crisis, help another person be they best they can be, whatever the motivation we all have the commonality that we want to help others.  
     Tuesday, February 19th the social committee along with the membership committee are having a Happy Hour get together at the 1760 house.  5:30 to 8:00 pm bring a a like minded friend, neighbor, or colleague who may or may not think about joining our organization, but you know them and they want to give back.  Lots of people want to give back but do not know the medium that can help them find the way.  We are looking for a large attendance, hors d'oeuvres and soft drinks are on our club.  The bar is a cash bar.  We are trying to keep the Rotary momentum going in a positive direction.  Please RSVP to Bryce so he has a head count.   Let's have fun together and enjoy each others' company. 
See you Tuesday evening at the 1760 House route 100 and Hamilton streets.  
Thank You to everyone for all of your help in making this rotary year as successful as it has been.
Yours in service, 
Rick Zayaitz
Last week Mike Waddell mentioned that he and Mark Erle are collaborating on a survey for the membership that will give feedback about the Trumpet newsletter.  That survey is now complete and will be emailed to the ERC membership by this weekend.  We encourage everyone to complete the survey (only 5 questions) within a few days of receiving the email so that Mike and Mark can collate the responses and hopefully  gain a better idea of readership tendencies and how we can make the newsletter better.
       Pennsylvania German farmers across our area would gather pigs by calling "Soo-ee, sooo-ee...".
Emmaus Rotarians are also asked to bring their little pigs home.... Fill those blue piggy banks and bring them in to be counted and credited to your giving.
          Our  Foundation Committee is using these little blue plastic piggy banks as a fun way to encourage our giving to the Rotary Foundation.  It is another reminder that each Rotarian is asked to give $100 a year toward supporting the ways we try to serve the world. That is called EREY or Every Rotarian Every Year. 
     The average amount collected in one full piggy bank is $25 to $30. Fill it four times and you are credited with full EREY completion for that Rotary year. Rotarian Bill Erdman, our Foundation Co-chair, will gladly get you a piggy bank and accept it when you have filled it. He oversees its counting and makes sure your giving account is credited.
     The Rotary Foundation is rated 4 stars by Charity Navigator. The grants and scholarships awarded by the Rotary Foundation support first, our commitment to END POLIO NOW and, also, our six areas of concern and focus as we seek to service. These six areas include:
Image result for PIC of a homeless teen sleeping in a car
     This is a photo of a young person living out of his car......
Yes-- we have homelessness in East Penn...
     We met with Superintendent Kristen Campbell, the Assistant Superintendent Doug Povilaitis, and the Director of Student Services Thomas Mirabella, on Friday morning, January 25, 2019, at the EPSD offices in Emmaus. The Lions, Lioness, Kiwanis, and Rotary are trying to creatively come up with ideas on how to help with the hunger situation in East Penn.  Some statistics:
1.) There are 42 homeless families in our district. They sleep in their cars, couch surf, or live on the streets.
2.) Lincoln, Jefferson, and Alburtis, have 365 students on subsidized or free lunches (over 36%)
3.) There are 1010 students in those schools
4.) Almost 28% of all students in the East Penn School District are on some form of free or subsidized lunch program
     The good news is that we made some progress, however, as in all good deeds it takes time so we do it right.  We will start small and keep everyone in the loop.  We are open to all when we figure this out.  Help comes in all forms for these students.  This is what we do; we discover a problem, we leverage our resources (volunteers, experience, and money) to help give these students a shot at a better life.  I will continue to shed light on this difficult subject in the weeks ahead. 
 Please remember --
there will not be a morning meeting this week at Brookside CC. 
It will be Thursday evening at the High School Cafeteria on Pine St.
Yours in service,
Rick Zayaitz
                                                                Cafeteria serving healthy alternatives 

          Imagine you are sending your first grader off to school this morning and you do not have enough money to buy her a snack. All of the other students have snack time with a snack during their school day.  This happens each and every day in the East Penn School District.  Everyone wants to be the same as their peers, have similar clothes. similar shoes, etc but the difference between feeling better about things and making your day better comes when your tummy is full. 



Miller Symphony Hall

Allentown PA 
      You are a Rotarian, and by now you have heard how much fun (and educational) a Rotary convention can be, and you want to experience the fun.  Atlanta (2 years ago) was not possible, Toronto, Canada (last year) was not possible and your hopes for a family vacation to Hamburg this year are not looking so good.....we have the answer for you.  May 3,4 and 5 we will be holding the greatest Rotary district convention to ever hit Allentown.  The Renaissance Hotel Allentown, along with Miller Symphony Hall will be our home for Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.   We will have it all--- Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast, rooms to stay over and lots of fun! Great international speakers,  Craig Thatcher with his band will be the entertainment Saturday evening including a partnership with 2nd Harvest Food Bank.  We have it all and to top it all off Steve Gould will be our MC along with the one and only Current District Governor Emmaus Rotary Club's own Cindy Hornaman.   
     The Committee is working hard to make this the most wonderful event ever held in our district.  Eric, Sue, Jim, Don, Karen, Laura, Bill, Megan, Steve, Lexa, Mike  and all other committee members are working overtime.  This is where I need your help as members.  Please sign up before February 22nd.  I will be asking the board to help out and sweeten the pot for reservations before February 22nd.  You can do a whole weekend event or ala carte menu of events but get this on your calendar.  We will have fun!!! 
Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz
Rotarians Give All Over the World
Rotarians everywhere give of their time, talents and riches to help all over the world

20 years of ‘service beyond borders’

Former RI president helps send hundreds of volunteers around the world to perform 67,000 surgeries, examine 250,000 patients

When Rajendra Saboo finished his term as president of Rotary International in 1992, he started thinking about how he could continue to help people. And by 1998, after serving as Rotary Foundation trustee chair, he knew he wanted to do something hands-on. 

“When I was Rotary president, my theme was Look Beyond Yourself,” says Saboo, a member of the Rotary Club of Chandigarh, India. “I was thinking about service beyond borders. So I thought, ‘Is there anything that India can give?’ I realized that medical science in India is fairly advanced, and there are doctors — Rotarian doctors — who could give something to Africa, where the medical needs are tremendous.”

To read the rest of this story go to: (copy and paste into your browser)

I found this story truly inspirational and I think you will, too-- Rick

     After asking for a moment of silence in memory of deceased Rotarian Carl Franz, President Rick Zayaitz reviewed Emmaus Rotary's progress toward fulfilling this year's mission and goals.
     The Fellowship Committee has two events coming up. On Tuesday, March 5th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Emmaus Rotary will gather at the Superior Restaurant for a Pancake Supper. Family and friends are welcome. Cost per person is only $5.  Fill up and enjoy the fun.
     On Thursday, April 25th, Emmaus Rotary will hold a major fundraising event:
Beef N Beer at the House and Barn, Emmaus. The goal is to raise a significant amount of money to be deposited in the Emmaus Rotary Foundation with the intent to build that principle so that we can continue to award significant scholarships to graduating Interact Students at Emmaus High School.
     The Golf Tournament Committee reported out that with $1,000 in outstanding money to still be received this year's current net is $24,675. Steve Gould took a moment to thank the Rotarians on the committee who found new sponsors, sparked the sale of the Masters Ticket Raffle and got 111 golfers signed up.  Rescheduled because of heavy rain, the weather held for the new date.
     Tony Moyer reported that plans are being laid for the joint Emmaus Rotary and EHS Interact Club joint meeting on Thursday, January 31st at 5:30 p.m. He noted that there is lively interest among students to participate in the 4-Way Test Speech Contest.
     Earlier Rotarian Erdman had presented Eric Loch with his Paul Harris plus 7.
Erdman reported that we are about 66% toward our year's goal for  EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year - giving $100 toward the Rotary Foundation. He noted that the fiscal year for Rotary is July 1 to the end of June. Then he revealed that he thinks Emmaus Rotary will present 19 Paul Harris awards this year.... quick math = Emmaus Rotary will give over $20,000 to the Rotary Foundation this year! END POLIO NOW.
      Have you noticed the bustle each meeting as speakers are mic'ed and a video camera is set up? John Chisca and his PR committee are working to get our meetings recorded for U Tube where other Rotarians can view them for make-ups. The current obstacle is the pay pal or credit card system to be used.  Valerie Deneen reported that the strategy for increased Facebook visibility is working and will be evaluated after 3 months. Remember "Like Us on Facebook"......
     President Zayaitz commended the Community Service Committee for all its work especially on the "Be the Inspiration Day(s)" this October. Chair Gary Guthrie stood to say he wanted to thank all the Rotarians who volunteered to staff the numerous service activities. From the floor, a Rotarian asked to be heard so that both Eileen Prokop who coordinates with the Angel Network and Ralph Lewis who spearheads our Food 4 the Hungry Collection each month could be recognized and thanked on our behalf. Before the meeting, Bob Halsey who is our contact with Miracle League had overseen the presentation of a "big check" to the director of Miracle League.
     District Governor Cindy Hornaman detailed plans and progress preparing for the 7430 District Conference this May in Allentown. Sue Straeter and Eric Loch are working closely with her as Emmaus Rotary is the host club. Early registration is around 100 and Hornaman hopes to have over 300 in attendance. Friday night is International Night. Saturday a youth event will be held at Symphony Hall in the morning and in the evening there will be a Craig Thatcher concert with a food collection for Second Harvest. There are exciting speakers including the youngest district governor in Rotary USA. REGISTER NOW!
     Zayaitz looked over his powerpoint notes and in closing stressed that "Emmaus Rotary needs to get out there".... he asked fellow Rotarians to recruit new members and to make our brand shine.
     In conclusion, Secretary Jim Palmquist noted that some dues payments were outstanding. Rotarian Pease asked that the directory be updated. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Follow Up: Miracle League Annual Halloween Bash in October 2018 

So that the regular volunteers and parents could be with their children, we operated the Refreshment Stand for the night of "Trick or Treat" at the Miracle League. We raised $638.02 for the Miracle League. Kristy McKeever, Miracle League Director, is shown accepting the check from President Rick Zayaitz and myself at our Thursday, December 20, 2018 meeting.


Once again Thank You to all the Rotarians and Interact Students that worked at the Miracle Leagues Annual Halloween Bash in October. This was the 7TH Year that we had a “Trick or Treat Booth, run by the Interact Club, & assisted by Tony Moyer and his Friend.


Happy New Year - 2019!
Happy New Year 2019
       I hope this message finds all of our members making and sticking to another year of resolutions.  As Emmaus Rotary we have had a really good year.  We have volunteered, helped collect, sort, received grants to help others and made plans to help feed the hungry in the East Penn School District.  We have new friends that have joined us and others who have had to make the decision taking them away from our area.  We wish everyone the best for a great 2019.  May all of your dreams come true.  
      We have also lost a few really true, great Rotarians the past few years please always keep our departed brothers and sisters in your prayers.   Take an hour on Thursday to say good bye to our friend, mentor, and fellow Rotarian at 2 pm at St. John's Church 139 N 4th street Emmaus PA 18049.  Carl Frantz will be laid to rest that afternoon.  
       We still have a lot of goals to reach before the end of our Rotary year.  Thursday morning we will again visit our annual goals and make plans to reach them before June 30th of 2019.  Bring all of your ideas Thursday morning and let's plan to bring 2019 to a glorious finale.  
Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz
Image result for pictures of High School families in need
   Christmas in all of our hearts.  I am not sure how to tell everyone in Emmaus Rotary how proud you make your President feel.  This year we ended up supporting 4 families for the Christmas holiday.  The Angel Network with Eileen heading up the charge had us participate in bringing in enough deodorant to make my dog smell nice.  Thank you, Eileen, for getting together with the Interact club youth and everyone else involved in getting the baskets ready for the less fortunate in our community.  So proud of the work we do.
     We helped support an elementary family a senior high family and a PCFLV family with $500 to each family.  The stories of these families is heart wrenching however we all helped make their holidays a little happier.  I hope in the near future we can help the one young women and her family a little happier in the coming months.  She is applying for college in a program that requires special materials to prepare a project for college admission.  I know we can help her and supply the materials she needs to give her the best chance to apply to the college of her choice.  When Cecilia was here from the Pediatric Cancer foundation of the Lehigh Valley, we offered to help one family get things they needed to make life a little easier for them at this most wonderful time of the year.  I enjoy the feeling of helping all of our families and our community.  
     This week we will enjoy the fruits of our high school with the Emmaus High Scool Chorus singing some holiday songs for us to enjoy.  Let them start off the 5 days before Christmas with a little music.  Next week is Christmas.  Enjoy, as your Executive committee will enjoy.  We will not have a Trumpet next week but you will see one New's Year's Day.  Enjoy!!! be careful and have a great time with family and friends.
Yours in Service,
Rotary inspires students along with educational partnerships
For the past two weeks, we have heard from Shannon Boyle, the Head of Swain, a private school, and Kristin Campbell, our new East Penn School District superintendent.  What have we learned?  Both structures help our students learn, in one system smaller classroom sizes, as we compare that to the public system with larger classroom sizes.  While other differences may exist, all of our students at both locations are learning how to exist in a new world where technology seems to be the King.  Both schools accomplish this task in different ways, Swain allows a less structured academic learning situation with a hands-on approach without having to teach to State or Federal mandates.  East Penn also focuses on the STEM subjects using programs like Makerspace, Inquiry, FOSS-Investigations, and Robotics. The point is all of these students are very lucky on all levels to enjoy an education which makes for a better foundation for success in life.  
                                     Swain School 
EHS SADD/ Kid to Kid Invited to âShare the Keysâ Event at Wells Fargo Center
                                      East Penn School District
Sometimes at this time of the year, we forget how blessed we are. 
Remember no matter which education system, the students and their families have little blips in life where everyone needs a little help from others. 
Reach out to others this charitable time of the year.  Give if you can, use your talents if you cannot but remember "it is better to give than to receive". 
Last week Emmaus Rotary gave three families a little Christmas help.  We changed the lives of these families. 
Please remember that these students are our future and as such we can help direct them through life's little blips with a little help. 
Change lives..... if you cannot give of your time, your talents or treasures find ways to help create the future leaders we have in our schools right now.  
Yours in Service, 
Rick Zayaitz

You have taken the pictures, now enter to have your photo in The Rotarian.

Every year, every Rotarian has the opportunity to send their pictures of one of our events to The Rotarian and see if they can get published.  We all take a lot of pride in what we do in our community.   Take that Picture you took and send it in. You can send three of your special photos to the Rotarian and maybe you will be the next Ansel Adams???


Enter the 2019 Rotarian photo contest

Do you have a great shot from a club project or fundraiser? Did you capture a memorable moment at the convention or during an international trip? Enter your images in The Rotarian's 2019 photo contest and you might see them in the pages of the magazine. You may enter up to three photos taken since January 1, 2018. 

The contest closes 15 December 2018, so submit your great photos now. Winners will appear in the June 2019 issue of The Rotarian.


Go to to enter your photo...

Last Year Burt Duren, past president, took us on a journey to help the local food banks 
feed the hungry in our communities.  
     This year I have been talking about partnering with other local service organizations to help the East Penn School District and its children get the nourishment they need to get through a day, a weekend or a whole summer -- not worrying about where their next meal is coming from. 
   Two weeks ago we all met Andrea and John from the Lioness club and the Lions club both of Emmaus PA.  I am still trying to find the leader of Kiwanis and get them on board but still working to a common goal of stemming hunger for our children living at or below the poverty level. 
    Next week we will meet the new superintendent of the East Penn School district.  I will be asking Kristen about her needs and wants along with negotiating a meeting in the New Year. 
    In this season of giving thanks and enjoying family and friends, which usually happens over a meal, let's keep in mind the less fortunate and see what we can do to help them during the stressful holiday season.
Yours in Service
Rick Zayaitz
American Flags
Giving Thanks
          Monday we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Veteran's Day.  A day in which we thank all Veterans for their service to our country.  I would like to thank each and every one of the Emmaus Rotarians that have served in any of our armed forces, we are ever grateful for the sacrifice you have made and ever thankful for all you have contributed to your families, friends and co-workers.  
          Next week we will celebrate "Thanksgiving".  Please remember to be thankful for our armed service people that go beyond normal limits to keep us safe and free. Be thankful for family, friends, and members of our families that have led the way for us to be the people we have become today.  We can all be thankful for the love bestowed upon us by our families and friends. 
         Keep all in your prayers this festive season and continue to live the "Four-Way test" in our daily lives.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday for breakfast.  Please remember we will not be meeting on Thanksgiving Thursday nor will there be a Trumpet next week.  We all are looking forward to the next issue of the Trumpet on the 28th of November.  If you are traveling be safe and enjoy!!!
Yours in service 
Rick Zayaitz
A Simple "Thank you" 
     In our busy lives we often forget the smallest of things that mean the most to someone else.  That item we often forget to do is say a simple "Thank You".   This week we will focus on saying thank you to all of the people that were so generous to our Rotary community the past year.   


The Amazing Effect of Saying 'Thank You"

Mom was right. (Again.)


And now there is evidence to prove that expressing gratitude leads to increased feelings of interpersonal warmth that in turn helps old and new relationships grow stronger and closer.

"Our study shows just how important it is to say thank you to someone," explained study leader and social psychologist Monica Bartlett at Gonzaga University. "A simple thank you leads people to view you as a warmer human being and, consequently, to be more interested in socially engaging with you and continuing to get to know you to build a relationship with you."

The study: Seventy university students were asked to provide mentoring advice to a high school student by reading and commenting on that student's university admissions essay. Later, half the mentors received a handwritten note supposedly from their mentee that included the following expression of gratitude: "Thank you SO much for all the time and effort you put into doing that for me!"

The results: The undergraduates who were thanked were far more likely to want to continue their relationship with their mentee than those who were not thanked. In addition, the grateful mentees were rated as having significantly warmer personalities.

The takeaway: Saying thank you--that is, expressing your gratitude--not only helps us develop new relationships, but also helps build up existing relationships.

The study findings were published in the journal Emotion.

So please remember that as recipient's of others generosity it is important to also thank them for their belief in what you do as a community(Rotary) and as you as a person.

See you Thursday morning

Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz

The Rotary Foundation -  Paul Harris Awards
       Every Rotarian has heard of Paul Harris, the Chicago Lawyer, who founded Rotary with three friends in 1905.  His vision is what we support today.  This week is our Emmaus Rotary Paul Harris Award Ceremony.  ALL ROTARIANS PLEASE WEAR THEIR PAUL HARRIS MEDALLIONS.  Recognition of Paul Harris Fellow Rotarians is something we do at least two times a year.  Remember when you give your $5 to EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year -- giving $100 toward the Rotary Foundation) every week? When that amount accumulates to $1,000 any Rotarian can be rewarded with a Paul Harris Medallion.  Below is a short history of the Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Reward.  Please continue your support of the Emmaus Rotary EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) when you sign in in the morning. 

The history of Paul Harris Fellow recognition

Image result for free pic of marijuana leaf
This week's informative narrative will be centered on Medical Marijuana.  This is a hot topic and we were lucky enough to have Steve Gould an "Expert" on the topic have one of his many influential friends join us to explain Pennsylvania's laws regarding the usage and purchase of this medical """Miracle""".  Keep an open mind and lets learn about the positive benefits to regular people and society as a whole.
         On a much lighter note two weeks ago we spent a lot of time explaining how the club is doing.  Each committee had their chair explain where we are in the year long process.  However, one of the areas we did not go over is our budget.  So for a few seconds I would like to explain our checking account balances and where the monies are earmarked.
       We have two checking accounts: one a regular club checking and one set aside to provide a scholarship endowment which is expected to be at $200,000 by our centennial (in 2026)to provide scholarship's for East Penn students into the future.  Presently there is Approx. $46,000 in the scholarship account.  The regular checking account is around $42,000.  The beef and Beer fund raiser will used to help grow that fund this Rotary year.
       From this regular checking account we will have $20,050 ear marked to be spent for local and international projects.  Leaving just over $22,000 in the checking account and from that amount we will be spending over $5,000 for Polio Plus, Shelter Box and Food service projects.  Please understand that because we show a large amount in our balance at board meeting time but in essence we only have access to approximately of $17,000 which is not accounted for.   For prudent financial management it was suggested by our Financial committee that we should always carry a balance of at least $20,000 in our checking account at any given time.  I feel we are good stewards of our monies and the board is always open to looking at and or considering differing projects for the incoming President.  As always if you have any questions concerning the budget or our balances on file, please feel free to ask anyone on the executive committee or the treasurer. 
Yours in Service
Rick Zayaitz
Congratulations to the winners of this years golf tournament.  Mike Bower, Matt Conway, Pat Boyle & Joe Fenstermacher took the first place prize on a match of cards from a three way tie.
Brian Johnson was the lucky winner of The 2019 Masters Weekend.  Thank you Brian for your support.  We learned he purchased 9/$100 raffle tickets to improve his chances.  Looks like his theory paid off.  Kurt Cannon took 2nd prize with a nice piece of jewelry from Eric J. Loch Fine Diamonds and David Will took 3rd prize of a $500 Visa Gift Card.
Special Thanks
Many thanks to Michael Kuebler, General Manager, Robert and the Staff of Brookside Country Club for putting on a great event.  Also special thanks to Dave Fields, PGA and his staff, especially Ross, for keeping the event running so well.
Many Thanks to all of our sponsors and golfers for this years tournament, especially our Event Sponsor Ai Orthodontics.  Without the support of great people like Ai, we would not be able to have such a successful fundraiser.
See you next year!!!
This Monday we finally had the opportunity to have our long awaited golf tournament.  Approximately 110 well equipped and well-fed golfers took to the Brookside Course expecting rain, mud and plugged shots.  Instead, they had a wonderful afternoon of well-executed golf shots, a lot of Rotary fun, and a little sunshine peeking out of the clouds.  
      Thank you to the Golf Committee and the co-chairman Mario Cozzubbo, John Zayaitz (his foursome below) and Vice President Steve Gould.  Without their dedication, this event would not be such a success.  
   Special thank you goes out to Chris Hornaman who braved the weather and took some excellent pictures of our foursome's and their friends.  Please utilize the link below to see all of the pictures Chris took during the afternoon.  Thank you Chris.  
    Without the help of the many volunteers and volunteer hours, this event would not take place.  Thank you to the volunteers that staffed the registration table and the putting contest area, and thank you to the companies that supported our Rotary cause, including the wonderful Brookside staff that took extraordinary care of all of our golfers and volunteers.  
      Best of all the monies raised this year gives us the opportunity to continue the great work we do as Rotarians both locally, and globally.  We help the local community in so many ways I do not have the room to extol them all.  Please see our website to understand what Rotary is and how we continue to spread our goodwill.
Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz
         I have been in Rotary for over 8 years.  Something I learned at RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) was that Rotary has 6 main areas of focus.  The areas of focus are: Promoting peace, Providing clean water, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education, Growing Local Economies, and Fighting Disease.  This week I will dedicate a few lines to Promoting peace.  The picture below is depicting one of the fastest growing areas of pain in the US……..Domestic Abuse.   We support Turning Point which is a Lehigh Valley organization with the goal of helping anyone in need who is or has been unfortunate enough to be abused by a spouse or family member. 
         Many Rotary organizations dedicate their fund-raising concerns to help people who suffer from domestic abuse.  If you would like more information about what Rotarians do around the world please go to  And if you are not signed up please sign up and learn about our global organization. 
        We have our major fundraiser coming up on Monday, October 15, 2018.   Please help wherever or however 
you can, so we can continue our support of the 6 areas of focus, both locally and globally.  See you Thursday morning and then again on Monday, at Brookside Country Club for our annual golf Fundraiser.   
Together we can help stop Domestic Abuse 
     Rachel Farrow, Educator at Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley, spoke to the Emmaus Rotary at our regular Thursday morning breakfast meeting on September 27, 2018. She was knowledgeable and spoke with passion. Farrow outlined the progressive stages used by perpetrators of domestic violence: 1) "Love Bombing", 2) "Egg Shells", 3) "Explosion", and 4) "It will never happen again". This cycle can repeat 7 to 12 times before the survivor, re-programmed by a narcissistic abuser who isolates while destroying the survivor's self-esteem, begins planning to leave. Farrow noted that this is the most dangerous time for the victim. Last year, 117 people were killed in PA by abusers (12 in Lehigh County alone) who declared "if I can't have you, no one will."  Because survivors are most at risk when trying to leave, Turning Point staffs a 24-hour hotline and has partnered with local law enforcement and the medical system to build a safety net. Turning Point's motto is "You are not alone." 
  Farrow called DV an epidemic as it effects 25% of the population: women, children, and men. She said, "silence allows this to continue."  And urged Rotarians to listen when terrified individuals speak up because 97% of them are telling the truth.  Farrow took several questions and responded to a parent's concern for educating children by saying, "they are always watching so demonstrate healthy love-- kiss your spouse in front of them."
     Last year's Newcomers' Project was both to collect needed items for Turning Points like sets of sheets and to do some painting and repair work at the shelter. Let's be proud of this partnership. Turning Point is the only domestic violence organization in the state with a shelter.
     On Thursday morning, September 13, 2018, Mark Erle, a past President, shared with Emmaus Rotary an overview of Lehigh University's study abroad program and highlights of his five-week trip to Prague, Czech Republic, with three other professors and 64 students. Lehigh offers opportunities during the winter and summer breaks for students to visit/study in over 30 different countries from one to five weeks. Semester-long options are also available. A surprising number of Lehigh's students participate in at least one study abroad program: over 40%.
     In the program in which Mark participated this spring, students earned three credits working as interns four days/week for companies in Prague. (Students had off Friday through Sunday to enjoy Prague or travel.) Additionally, students earned three credits for taking one course taught either by Mark or another professor one night each week. Mark's family joined him for the last two weeks of his stay and, as together they explored Prague and visited Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna.
           Above is a picture of the Emmaus Interact High school students enjoying a day at the Miracle League. 
You may be asking why the picture of the Interact students?  We have a new Emmaus High School Interact Club advisor.  Amy Kaunitz is the new advisor for our Interact club.  Samantha will be going out on maternity leave in the next few weeks.  We thank Samantha for all of her hard work and dedication to the club the past three years.
       A little about Amy until she has a chance to tell us herself.  Amy spent 12 years teaching middle school and now she is now helping young freshman minds understand and appreciate Social Studies.  It is her first year as a teacher at the high school level.  When you meet Amy you will see how her enthusiasm, passion, and love of teaching comes out.  We have found a new leader for the Interact club.  If you happen to run into her on the street or at the supermarket, please say hello.  I will have a picture of Amy in a future issue of the Trumpet. 
      Until then Uncle Bob will be helping her and her students prepare for a very special Halloween at the Miracle League on October 24th.  Thank you, Bob, for all of your work with the Miracle League.
Yours in service
Rick Zayaitz
Image result for picture of a flooded golf course
    Our golf tournament was moved to  Monday, October 15th 2018.  Thank you Rotarians for your understanding. 
People face all kinds of adversities in life, our golf tournament is a small reminder of what mother nature is capable of.  We have a possible hurricane Florence about to strike the southeastern coast of our shores this week.  As Rotarians we are people of action.  Please keep everyone in these coastal States in your prayers and be prepared to help where we can if necessary.  Remember we are smart, compassionate, persevering and inspiring people...Rotarians.   As Rotarians we need to be prepared for what may happen in other people's lives so we can help out whether as an individual, a club, a district or Rotary International.  
Yours in Service 
Rick Zayaitz
President Emmaus Rotary 
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