At the January 26th meeting we expressed our thanks and appreciaion to all our sponsors and friends who helped make these events so successful!
Susan Stachowski, Sands; Bruce Palmer, Buckno Lisicky; Tom Hartzell, HMK Insurance;
Janet Kolepp, Berk One, Inc.; Charlotte Hartmann-Hansen, HHFS; Wayne Achey, Race Chair
Part of the nearly three dozen wonderful supporting organizations. We Thank You All!
Jean Searfoss, MSR; Fred Fenselau, Working Dog Press; Gary Hartney, STT Concert Chair; Susan Stachowski, Sands; Denise Parker, NEMS Select Chorus; Brian Rupnik, NEMS Band Conductor; Ron Demkee, Conductor The Allentown Band; John St. Clair, Embassy Bank and Pat DiLuzio, Executive Director Victory House
Morning Star wishes to express all our thanks and appreciation for your continuing support!