We had the pleasure of welcoming Beth Clausnitzer as a guest speaker on Zoom. She is a producer for A Channel of Peace, a movie production company founded by actor, writer, director and Bethlehem native Daniel Roebuck. Beth gave us great insight into the world of filmmaking. It takes a village of interns and volunteers, long 12-14 hour work days, and a lot of food to feed the crew for a 30 day production.
A Channel of Peace is a non-profit organization dedicated to producing and supporting films and other multimedia projects and endeavors that provide insight into the advancement of family, faith in God, and the values of love, forgiveness, good works, and gratitude. If you have seen "Getting Grace," you may recognize a number of Bethlehem sites used in the making of the film. Two of the organization's newest productions, "Lucky Louie" and "The Hail Mary," were also filmed locally with many Lehigh Valley residents as extras.
Follow their film journey at achannelofpeace.org or their Facebook page for updates and donation opportunities. If you are interested in getting involved in future projects as extras, volunteers, or to audition, send an email to be placed on one of the following lists: