Our District Governor, Bob Hobaugh, made his official District visit October 21, 2021. DG Bob reflected on 35 years in Rotary and how he learns something new every day. He went on to address our Rotary Theme "Serve to Change Lives" and the need to chart your course to achieve your goals. Rotary has given us tools to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement and increase our ability to adapt. Please look to the RI Learning Center, our new rules for Club information, Club meetings and Rotary Days of Service.
To Serve to Change Lives, we need to "Chart Your Course and Set Your Sails."
Think of these Four Questions - Rotary's Priorities:
How do WE Increase Our Impact?
How do WE Expand Our Reach?
How do WE Enhance Participant Engagement?
How do WE Increase Our Ability to Adapt?
As we address these questions it will benefit developing our action plans.
Let our service projects be transformational and let's be our best selves through Rotary!
Thank you DG Bob! We will endeavor to continue to succeed in Rotary seeking lasting change in our community and selves.