On October 17 we were joined by Dr. Meagan Grega and Executive Chef Amanda Grega from the Kellyn Foundation. Their specialty is Why LifeStyle is the BEST Medicine.
Meagan reflected “I think we can all agree that this image depicts the way we all want to live and age – not only a long lifespan, but a long healthspan, growing older with vitality and vigor, remaining independent and engaged with our families, friends, and purpose. So if this is our goal….how are we doing with that ideal here in America?”
Continuing on, evidence was presented indicating we are not doing well at all. OECD, Office of Economic Cooperation and Development, statistics from 1980 thru 2013 show the US as the leader in Health Care Spending as a % of GDP. However according to the World Health Organization, in terms of Deaths from all causes per 100,000 in 2008, the US exceeds all other countries with over 500 (age adjusted.)
Effect of Lifestyle Habits based upon a European study of 23,000 participants aged 35-65, mean follow-up 7.8 years. Evaluated lifestyle factors: BMI>30; No tobacco use; 3.5 hr/week or more physical activity; high intake fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low red meat consumption.
Following all 4 healthy lifestyle factors resulted in a 78% decreased risk of developing chronic disease compared to 0 healthy lifestyle factors.
A similar study in the US showed only 2.7% of adults demonstrated all 4 healthy lifestyle characteristics.
Further presentation focused on the need to move more to plant based consumption. Amanda addressed the broad variety of meals taught and prepared at the Kellyn Foundation.
The presentation has been archived on the MSR website for your education and hopefully some changes in your lifestyle. Bon apetit!