Rotarians, Friends, Neighbors, & Colleagues,
I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! As a rather new member to Morning Star,  and second year tri-chair to the Salute The Troops concert,  I am humbled to be a part of this most worthy event. 

MSR took on the challenge of guaranteeing $15,000 toward a very important need of a generator for Victory House, which was required for a matching District Grant.  Thanks to the vision of Ron Helmuth, and grant acumen of Susan Burnett, this venture provided $30,000 to further the effort of Victory House and the care of homeless veterans.  Because of a sizable donation from Wind Creek, local business ads, patron support, and concert ticket sales, WE...YOU...MADE IT HAPPEN!!  
Thank you for selling tickets.  Thank you for placing ads.  Thank you for attending.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you to Gary Hartney and Rodney Conn.  A special thank you to Jean Searfoss for the excellent Program Book. And especially Pat DiLuizio for his passion and leadership of Victory House.
If you were not able to witness, in person, the effect this concert has (on a packed house)...please place it on your bucket list.  There were so many inspirational moments....vets proudly standing for their country,  middle school students getting a glimpse of duty, country, honor.  A program of excellent concert material performed by one of the most impressive, (and oldest) American bands,  willing to partner with middle school aged students. AND an entire inter-generational audience proudly singing, "God Bless America'! 
Thank you Brian Rupnick, Denise Parker, Ron Demkee, and fellow Rotarians, for doing your part to fulfill the promise of Service Over Self!
Gayle Justice
Note: we please request that you get your remittances in for ads, concert tickets and patron support. Thank you!