We were very fortunate to hear from Carol Ferguson from the Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network last Thursday. This is an amazing Grass Roots organization having a very positive impact in our state. They began with “the inspiration to provide a service that provides information that can “Network” Polio Survivors and their families.  Their efforts evolved to focus on Vaccine Advocacy, becoming part of the solution working together for our children.  The science clearly and conclusively shows that VACCINES WORK!!! This is extremely important when you recognize the World Health Organization lists “vaccination hesitancy” as one of the Top 10 Threats to Global Health.
The group has partnered with the CHOP – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – Vaccine Education Center to bring information to our communities. Working with RI the program has expanded throughout Pennsylvania via Rotary Clubs and Districts.
Contact information for questions, please direct to papolionetwork@gmail.com.
Vaccine Information Card questions van go to ppsnvaccineinfo@gmail.com.
Most significantly, for survivors, caregivers and rotarians there is an unbelievable amount of information available on their website  www.papolionetwork.org.
Given the current situation with Covid 19, the need for vaccinations is abundantly clear.
We all know Bill Nye, the Science Guy. On the website in the Vaccine area you will see a video from the recent Rotary International conference with Bill extolling the efficacy of vaccines and the need to expand their applications.