Please join us for this week's MSR ZOOM meeting, Thursday, January 13th at 7:30 am.
Our speaker will be Sue Burnett presenting Grant Funding 101 and Foundation Giving. 
"Not another Foundation Talk!" Update on Grants and Africa and Requests! Past President and Foundation Committee Chair Susan Burnette will be the speaker via Zoom on January 13. 
Some of you may have noticed last month that I will be the speaker via Zoom on Jan 13 and you may already be planning on skipping it because just last week we had a Foundation talk.
My talk is totally different. I am going to give you an update on our grants! 
Also, I am going to explain the difference between District Grants, the Hartmann-Hansen Grant (how we could combine them to do a super amazing project if we wanted) and Global Grants (and how easy they are to fund - hint, we have been funding them for over 25 years!!!!!)
Also, as many of you know, I am heading to Kenya in January with Wendy Ellsworth from the Saucon to check out the possibility of doing an amazing Global Grant. This trip is self-funded (thank you to my amazing husband!!!).
I could use a little bit of help with the Africa trip:
1. If you have any summer children/youth clothing that you would otherwise donate to Goodwill, I would take that with me (as much as I can stuff into my suitcases) and give to the children in the villages)
2. I really want to connect with the kids so I was thinking of bringing Pop Rocks! I reached out to Grandpa Joes on Main Street for a donation but have not heard back from them. I would really like to take about 100 or more packs with me. They are light weight and flat. Or, those little lollipops that come in a million flavors that every doc office and hair cuttery give out. If anyone would like to donate to this, I would really appreciate it. The Pop Rocks are 70 packs for $50 on Amazon or a $1 each at the candy store. 
I leave Jan 17th at 11:15 pm so lots of time is getting short.
Ok, that is it for now. Cannot wait to see everyone Thursday!
Topic: MSR Weekly Meeting
Time: Jan 13, 2022 07:15 AM EST 
Zoom starts at 7:15 am for Social time (meet & greet), with the regular meeting starting at 7:30 am.
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