Bethlehem Police Department (Zoom)
Michele Kott
Chief of Police
Chief Kott is the first female police chief in Bethlehem. Her career path followed from DeSales University through Patrol, Investigator and Detective Lieutenant to Chief.  A strong believer in leading from the front, shoe moved her family to Bethlehem to become even more engaged in the community. Utilizing a blended strategy, the Chief has brought a holistic approach to law enforcement to enhance the overall culture.
Continual focus has been directed to Community Initiatives including see (BPD Community Initiatives)
K9 BEAN - a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer specializing in explosives detection, tracking lost individuals & community engagement - see Bean's picture - not your expected police K9!
CITIZENS' POLICE ACADEMY - designed to give community members an opportunity to learn more about their PD; engage officers and community members in meaningful dialogue 
JR POLICE ACADEMY - program designed to show BASD middle school students what its like to be a police officer - class instruction, demonstrations & hands on experiences
HANDLE WITH CARE PROGRAM -  a way for Law Enforcement Officers to send a brief notice to a child's school when that child has been identified at the scene of a traumatic event - handle with care!
OPIOID PANDEMIC - program to help individuals dealing with addictions by connecting them to a treatment provider - PAIR & HOST programs.
Chief Kott seeks to evolve the strategy where the police are actually viewed a "COMMUNITY HELPERS!"
Thank you to the Chief and all members of this community resource!