Special thanks to President-Elect Cheryl Baker for filling-in for me while on a much needed vacation. Thank You!
Our last meeting provided the opportunity to hear from a special group of Nursing professionals from Queensland, Australia. Our Morning Star Rotarian, Dr. Janet Sipple, has made many visits to her colleagues in Australia to help build effective programs to serve the needs of their people.
Dr. Janet Sipple, Celie Volp, PE Cheryl Baker, Kym Volp, Donna Cooper & Janet Rankin  
Kym Volp gave an excellent presentation on Australia, living in the ‘bush’ and the Nursing profession there.
The following summary portrays a picture quite different from that in the USA.
These are Queensland nurses…first principle in the idea of the Professional Nurse..is that nursing IS POLITICAL … it is about a group of people holding particular views and beliefs about something… with a mission… and having to work in conditions where resources are LIMITED … THAT IS, compete for resources … this picture is political.   Where we have beliefs and values…where we have a social mission and we’re not prepared to stand up for what we believe in (…then we FALL... And fall for ‘anything’)...THAT is political.  Whatever domain of practice… direct patient care, research, management, executive leadership, teaching even… these are political acts of agency as professional nurses and we must be aware of that.. And aware that not everyone shares the same values…and that we often need to defend what we stand for.. And compete in the bigger world of differential power and influence distribution… we have to be a voice amongst other voices… THIS is political. If we don’t get that from the outset, we limit ourselves, our practice, and our profession.  All of these nurses are political agents in their own sphere of practice influence. The Professional Nurse (in Australia)
.social agent
.political agent
.values based
.resource intensive
In fidelity with “being A little revolutionary” . . . .
 Power - large “P” …. Small ‘p’ politics …
REMINDER:  This week our First Thursdays @ 5:30 meeting will be at Corked located at 515 Main Street, Bethlehem.  It is a great opportunity to introduce friends, co-workers & neighbors to Rotary.  There will not be a morning meeting this Thursday.  Hope to see everyone there.
Motivational Quote of the week:
"It is important to value the individual to have good health, a loving family, and good relationships, to have community ties; leisure pursuits. These are all part of our lives. It is important to keep all of our parts in working order."  (from the website Australian Inspiration)
Helen Lynch, female company director credited w/helping to shatter Australia's glass ceiling.
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President Sharon, Rotary Serving Humanity