The Endowment Fund

When reflecting on our personal estates and the legacy we want to leave, have we thought about how much we can afford to give away?
The late Rotary Foundation Trustee Louis Piconi shared these inspiring remarks: “Rotarians of today are leaving a legacy to the children of the world when we, Rotary,
join our world partners in the celebration of the certification of the eradication of polio from the world. More importantly, and I do mean more importantly, is the fact that
the Rotarians of today and tomorrow have the opportunity to leave their own legacy of ‘doing good in the world’ for future educational and humanitarian service programs.
Do we dare dream that Rotarians of today not only make it a habit of making an annual contribution each and every year, but leave a percentage of their estate or a one-time significant gift to The Rotary Foundation’s Endowment Fund?

This should be the dream, goal and reality of all Rotarians. We need just look and see and feel and touch the wonderful programs and projects we are continually completing that help the world know a more humane society and a more peaceful world.”