Please sign up for Outreach Food Project on March 10 - CLICK HERE
Outreach Coordinators from each of the Area 2 clubs are fully engaged in signing up Volunteers for the event. Club Coordinator, Sharon Fontana continues to reach out to all our members and friends of Morning Star. As she is currently pursuing her colleagues at her office, we request you get outside the box and exercise your creative talents.  We will need more volunteers than last year and also to help support those clubs with "more senior demographics."  You can sign up online via the links on the email or go directly to our website
For this year we have raised the bar - we have successfully achieved a matching District Grant for $5,000 allowing us a total of $10,000. We will be able to provide 40,000 meals to help in our communities.
Each Rotary Club receives a proportionate share of meals which they then determine how the meals are distributed throughout their club communities. For Morning Star this is 8,000 meals!
Please  sing up now - we will need many hands - both Rotary and family, friends, colleagues, all ages welcome, to accomplish this project.
This is also an opportunity to invite that potential new member to experience a sample of what Rotary is all about.
This is truly a HANDS-ON PROJECT we always hear Rotarians asking for. The 5 Area 2 Clubs include Bethlehem Downtown, Bethlehem Morning Star, Easton, Nazareth and Saucon/Center Valley.
Thank you.