Morning Star Rotarians,
We are rapidly approaching the 28th Year of our Morning Star Celtic Classic 5K Run/Walk on September 29.  Your support is critical in three ways:
1. Help increase the total funds raised and donated
2. Help cover expenses such as race day set-up materials, promotional materials, runners' awards, food and so on.
3. Help provide raffle prizes for the runners/walkers, which increases the fun had by all and encourages more runners to attend.
Sponsorship Opportunities and Raffle Prize Donations Drive forms are available in the Download section of our website.
You can also use the link to reach the information.
The Celtic Classic Race is rapidly approaching and we are in desperate need of both Sponsors and raffle prizes for the race. 
You might not be aware, but this race is the primary fund raiser for our our share of the District Grants. In addition it funds some of our other Community programs. In the past we have raised over $10,000 in Sponsors but because many of our members have retired from the large corporations and banks in the Lehigh Valley and we no longer have direct contacts to these organizations, our Race Sponsorship has shrunk to around 3,000. 
As the Race and Raffle Co-Ordinator, it is my responsibility to organize this effort, NOT to be the sole Sponsor and Raffle Prize generator. I need YOUR SUPPORT
Sponsorship is a great marketing benefit to small businesses. They can put promotional materials in the runner's race day bag, get their logo on the t-shirt and on our website. It may take one person 30 minutes to fill out a grant application at one bank/business but it will take one person (me) hours and hours to fill them out at every business. 
Raffle Prizes: Raffle prizes are easy to get. Bring the raffle form to your favorite golf course, nail salon, brunch place, flower shop etc.... Business that donate raffles prizes can also put flyers in the runner's race day bag if they choose. Managers are not always around. Make it super easy for them, bring a self-addressed envelope with you when your drop the form off. Include a personal note at the bottom of the form. For example, my kids are at the Bethlehem Trampoline Park, at least once a month. It took all of 5 minutes for me to get a donation from them. When I mailed my request into Civic Theatre in Allentown I wrote at the bottom for the Manager to please remind the Director about my awesome audition for "Noises Off". No doubt, feeling sorry me, as I have not received  a call back, I got 6 sets of tickets and 4 popcorn vouchers. Its that easy!
But I cannot do it alone!!!
AND - don't forget, we are 501(c)3 so every donation is tax deductible!!!
Many thanks for your time and consideration,
Yours in Rotary!
Any Questions: 484-226-5254,
Thank you for your help and support in making this the best year ever!