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Bethlehem Morning Star

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Moravian Village by Post Office
526 Wood Street
1st Thursdays: 5:30 to 7 pm Artisan Wine & Cheese Cellar 55 W. Lehigh Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018
United States of America
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Thursdays 7:10 am Meet and Greet 7:30 Meeting Starts


Plan to join us Thursday September 17, 2020 to interact with Kelly Bauer, Executive Director of The Center for Animal Health and Welfare. Kelly will be discussing the importance of researching breed prior to adopting. She will also review their "meet your match program" which helps find the animal that best fits with the adopters lifestyle.

Topic: MSR Weekly Meeting – Morning
Time: Sep 17, 2020 07:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

See you Thursday!

President Oesmann announced that at the September 9, 2020 Board meeting, a motion was approved to provide up to a $500 match of funds to support the needs of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. The school needs includes classroom supplies, protective equipment, and help for food insecure families. It was suggested members contribute money they would normally have used for a month's worth of meeting attendance or just as a donation to support this effort.
Send your checks payable to Morning Star Rotary to  Treasurer Jean Searfoss 1409 Bogie Avenue Wescosville, PA 18106; or press the DONATE button on the website for credit cards and designate TJ ELEMENTARY.
We should easily exceed $1,000 which will be very helpful to the students at TJE! Thank you all for your support.
John Oesmann
MSR President
Due to changes in the Bethlehem Health Dept, the Flu Vaccine clinic will not be offered this year.  Please make arrangements to receive this vaccine at your health care provider office, area pharmacies, or other approved locations.
  • The High Dose Fluzone/quadrivalent is recommended for 65+
  • The High dose Flumist/Quadrivalent is recommended for 2-49 yrs
  • The Fluzone/Quadrivalent is recommended form 6+ months 
The Flu vaccine should be obtained before Nov 1.
Keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic will be continuing creating a double whammy flu/virus season.  BEWARE…wear a mask (correctly), hand washing, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Personal and public health is your responsibility!
and remember to drink your water!!!
Janet A. Sipple, RN, EdD
ISO Meeting Presenters
Do you know someone with a fascinating story or a local organization that would be willing to give a presentation for Morning Star Rotary at our 7:30 AM meetings? Please contact Shawn Deiter at or 610-442-8022.
Thank you very much,
Shawn Deiter
President Elect
Mr. Hoffman is the 2019 America's Pig Farmer of the Year. On behalf of the Pork Board Speakers Bureau he presented via ZOOM at our meeting on Thursday, September 10.
"I want to help consumers understand what farmers do to raise healthy pigs."
A first-generation farmer, Chris began his career working for companies that manage pig farms across the state. He liked the prospect of the freedom a family business offers and the farming lifestyle. He now owns a 250-acre farm which raises pigs and broilers. He serves as a Vice President of Pennsylvania Farm Bureau  and is a Trustee for Penn State University. He was selected as the 2019 America's Pig Farmer of the Year, which represents farmers nationwide. 
About a third of their production is distributed to grocery stores, with another 42% to meat packers, i.e., Hatfield and Leidy's and 25% is exported internationally.
Being very focused on health, technology has been a key element in raising productivity. 
When Covid-19 hit, they had to adjust schedules to a variety of split shifts. Quite a challenge with a 24/7 operating facility.
Mark extolled the nutritional virtues of pork tenderloin, a great source of lean protein. "Eat everything but the squeal!"
Click Lazy Hog Farm for a brief video of the family owned and operated business working hard to feed the world. Link to website:
Via a separate emails you received some relevant documents from Chris which you will find quite useful in bettering your understanding of pork nutrition and a variety of recipes.
If you are having trouble viewing this email, view it online
End Polio Now
August 2020
African region declared free of wild poliovirus
The World Health Organization’s African region was officially certified free of wild poliovirus on 25 August. This milestone comes four years after Nigeria — the last polio-endemic country in Africa — recorded its final case of wild polio. It’s a significant step forward in the fight to eradicate polio and protect the world’s children from this paralyzing disease.

This incredible achievement is the result of a decades-long commitment by Rotary members, working with our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), African region leaders, and millions of dedicated health care workers and supporters. Read more.
Take action for World Polio Day
Get ready for World Polio Day on 24 October by promoting awareness, raising funds, and planning club events. This year, calling attention to our efforts to eradicate polio is as important as ever.

We’ve shown that we can defeat this devastating disease, as five out of six regions are now free of wild poliovirus — but the fight is not over. Wild polio still paralyzes children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As long as polio exists anywhere, it remains a threat everywhere.

This World Polio Day, let’s take action to help end polio for good. Download the toolkit for resources to help you host a virtual event for your community, share information over social media, contact your local media, and more. Don’t forget to register your event on New this year: Clubs and members that register their events will receive early access to the downloadable World Polio Day program.
Successful events in a virtual world
Rotary clubs in Canada are sharing their model for holding a successful online event for World Polio Day. Using local education and technology resources, community involvement, and compelling guest speakers, 10 clubs in District 7070, Ontario, Canada, began collaborating in 2018 to host a creative and meaningful livestream event each year. Get inspiration from their experience to plan and promote your club’s virtual outreach for World Polio Day. 
Rotary in the news
Rotary members who are survivors of polio are talking about their experiences and the parallels to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rotary member Shirley Griffin reflects on having polio as a child in an interview with, and discusses her efforts with Rotary to raise funds and administer vaccines in the fight to end polio.

A media trip to India with Rotary for a National Immunization Day program inspired this article in Forbes that covers India’s efforts to mobilize country-wide vaccinations. The piece then explores the similarities and differences between polio and COVID-19, with interviews from polio survivor Ann Lee Hussey, Rotary member and past district governor, and Peter Salk, president of the Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation and infectious disease professor at the University of Pittsburgh. His father Dr. Jonas Salk developed one of the two polio vaccines.

Despite immense challenges, India was declared wild polio-free in 2014. In a column that appears on the India-based news platform The Quint, Rotary’s India National PolioPlus Committee Chair Deepak Kapur explains what it took to achieve that success in eradicating wild poliovirus, including mass vaccination campaigns organized by thousands of Rotary clubs across India. Kapur also emphasizes the need to remain dedicated to global polio eradication so that children stay protected from polio and other diseases.
Your donation goes further to eradicate polio
Rotary is committed to raising $50 million per year to end polio, with every dollar matched with two additional dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Thanks to our generous members and donors, we reached our 2019-20 PolioPlus fundraising goal.

We need your continued help to keep raising $50 million annually. With every contribution multiplied, your donation goes even further to help us reach children in every part of the world with a polio vaccine as well as other life-saving vaccines and health care.
JUST a reminder - see the following link CLUBRUNNER MOBILE APP for a short video on the free phone app and all the information readily available to you right on your phone! Makes that little cell phone a very valuable tool for a gazillion of your Rotary needs! Enjoy! Give a yell if any questions.
Think about your fellow MSR members. Any you have not seen in a while...
Please take a little time to "reach out" and touch base with someone. See how they are doing and let them know they are missed at meetings and our events.
Perfect time is now - especially in view of the situation we are all in! 
Goes just as well for family and friends all around!
Take care and be safe.
Need ZOOM help just give a yell!
To all you golfers, here is a great opportunity to support one of our favorite organizations.
Revised date is October 5, 2020!
Brochure information with Golf Outing Details, Sponsorship Opportunities and Golfer/Sponsor Registration can be found on the download documents section on our web homepage.
Sponsor Deadline - September 25th
Your participation and support will be greatly appreciated and vital in these trying times. 
We were walking the dogs on the south side and we passed Victory House. Their sign was up on the generator we helped sponsor through the club and Rotary District Grant funds!
Thank you to Sue Burnett and family for the keen observation.
Rotary Service and Engagement
August, 2020
Rotary Opens Opportunities
As RI President Holger Knaack declared at the Rotary International Assembly earlier this year, Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather an invitation to endless opportunities. Rotary Opens Opportunities — everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere, said Knaack. Rotary opens pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects. Rotary opens leadership opportunities and gives members the chance to travel the world to put their service ideas into action and make lifelong connections.

Knaack continues to encourage Rotary to be open to new approaches and embrace change. In 2020-21, he recommends that every club have at least one strategic planning meeting. At that meeting, members should use Rotary’s Action Plan to guide their discussions, asking themselves what they want their club to be like in five years and how they can bring more value to their members.

The 2020-21 Rotary Citation will recognize clubs’ accomplishments that are related to Rotary’s strategic priorities and make a positive difference in their communities. Encourage your clubs to work toward the citation’s goals.

Read how you can take action.
Membership and New Club Development Month
August is Membership and New Club Development Month, a time to recognize our members and the amazing work they do in their communities. In 2020, Rotarians around the world are finding ways to open opportunities, showing their incredible commitment to making the world a safer and better place. Read their stories.

Membership Month is also a time to consider how people can engage with Rotary. Learn about how you can grow membership through service, develop leaders, find new opportunities to network, and build a community within Rotary’s global family.
Morning Star Rotary has Rotary Face Masks in two designs available for sale to club members for $7 each.
(The club is covering tax and shipping.) Contact Jean Searfoss 
In addition to keeping people safe, they are a great way to make Rotary more visible in the community. 
Special thanks to  Jan Chicka, one of our favorite Rotarians - now of the Whitehall Rotary Club who presented her personnel story of her "heart."
After caring for her mother through her passing, Jan realized she was having odd heartbeats. The diagnosis was AFib.  Jan candidly shared her amazing story of her choice to live and the challenges of regaining her "heart health" and getting her life back.  Now after years of  persistence, many surgeries, procedures, medications she has achieved outstanding success. Clearly she "chose wisely!"
Jan was honored by the American Heart Association in recognition of her successful journey of the heart! She is 1 of 12 Women of Heart! Click link for the stories. | @goredforwomen
#watchmechangehistory #watchmegored

Click the links to learn more!
Note: Thank you Jan; we also enjoyed the education on your "dachshund tribe!"

We were very fortunate to hear from Carol Ferguson from the Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network last Thursday. This is an amazing Grass Roots organization having a very positive impact in our state. They began with “the inspiration to provide a service that provides information that can “Network” Polio Survivors and their families.  Their efforts evolved to focus on Vaccine Advocacy, becoming part of the solution working together for our children.  The science clearly and conclusively shows that VACCINES WORK!!! This is extremely important when you recognize the World Health Organization lists “vaccination hesitancy” as one of the Top 10 Threats to Global Health.
The group has partnered with the CHOP – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – Vaccine Education Center to bring information to our communities. Working with RI the program has expanded throughout Pennsylvania via Rotary Clubs and Districts.
Contact information for questions, please direct to
Vaccine Information Card questions van go to
Most significantly, for survivors, caregivers and rotarians there is an unbelievable amount of information available on their website
Given the current situation with Covid 19, the need for vaccinations is abundantly clear.
We all know Bill Nye, the Science Guy. On the website in the Vaccine area you will see a video from the recent Rotary International conference with Bill extolling the efficacy of vaccines and the need to expand their applications.
June 19, 2020 
Rotary ARM Educational Grant 
Dear Scholarship Donor, 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in funding the Rotary ARM Educational Grant. As a mother of three children, I know how hard college can be. Not only do we have to worry about passing our classes, but also being able to pay for college and its expenses. I will be forever grateful and I am very honored to be the recipient of this award. 
Currently, I am a freshman majoring in nursing, with a 4.0 GPA at Lehigh Carbon Community College. I am very thankful for receiving your thoughtful gift. Because of your grant, I was able to buy a computer and a printer that is necessary for me to continue my education, especially during this time with a pandemic when classes are remote. 
Tina from the Nurse Family Partnership wrote:
"The  effort that the Rotary put into maximizing the dollars awarded to MV was so amazing!  Not only did MV appreciate it, but all of here at NFP are so grateful for your involvement and ongoing support for our clients."
The spirit of our Audrey lives on and continues to do good in our communities.

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