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Allentown Rotary Smile, March 27, 2018
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This Issue: March 27
President's Message
Let me start this week's message by wishing everyone a happy, holy, peaceful Easter and Passover seasons.  As is appropriate for this season of the year, we are dedicating this week's edition of the Smile to the theme of  "peace."  Following up on last Friday's thought provoking presentation by Jim Palmquist on Rotary International Peace Building efforts and plans, we thought this was the perfect time to provide in-depth coverage of that speech and the  opportunity it raises for us.  We've included Frank Whelan's excellent overview, Rolf Schlake's moving invocation, a link to the RI peace video and several excerpts of Jim Palmquist's talk.  My hope is that all members will take a moment this week to reflect on the thoughts and ideas expressed below.  Allentown Rotary leadership is committed to considering goals around peace building for future Rotary years and I'm pleased to share that after the meeting, several members expressed an interest in possibly leading these efforts.   More to come!
REMEMBER - no meeting this weekClick here to register early  (by March 31) for our special event at Vault 634 in May -  see details below.  To whet your enthusiasm, here's a link to the Vault 634's exciting new website.
We have repeated last week's Smile announcement about the District Conference on the weekend of April 27th - please consider attending.  At the last ARC Board meeting leadership voted to defray part of  the registration fee for ARC attendees.  I am already registered, along with Marci and Lou.   Please consider joining us - it will be an educational and fun day.
The Camp Neidig Registration Site is now officially open. Our 2018 Camp Neidig Youth Leadership Program will be held June 15th- June 18th at Camp Manatawny.  Camp Neidig continues to be GREEN this year.  All forms are available on the Camp Neidig website and there's also a short video there that is a wonderful tool to use for recruitment of campers.  Our son Matt attended Camp Neidig almost 20 years ago - it was a great experience then and in today's world, it is even more valuable experience for our high school students and leaders of tomorrow.
All Rotary is Saying is "Give Peace a Chance"
** ARC members hear about the efforts of Rotary to encourage peace making around the world at all levels. **
No one can say we live in a peaceful world, but Jim Palmquist of the Emmaus Rotary Club told a gathering of Allentown Rotarians at their March 23rd meeting the world is actually more peaceful than it was and that Rotary is doing its bit to help.
Jim serves as club secretary for the Emmaus Rotary.  He has had a diverse career working in computer systems with RCA, Naval Aviation, sales with Polaroid, logistics with Air Products and non-profit management with the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley. He is also a U.S. Navy veteran, and possesses a commercial pilot’s license and instrument ratings in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  Jim began by noting that a lot of people did not believe that Rotary could end polio around the world.  Yet 99.98 percent of the planet is today polio free thanks to the work Rotary has done.
With this goal achieved Jim believes that Rotary could do the same for world peace. He notes the important role Rotary plays as an international organization.

“We have members that have a presence on national and local levels,” he explains. Palmquist also notes
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West End Wine and Ice Cream

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Thursday, April 19, 2018
5:30 pm – 7 pm

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1852 W. Allen, Street, Allentown, PA  18104

Meet your neighbors! Try new things!
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Our Two Newest Members
Allentown Rotary welcomes two new members this month, Katie Walter and Varee Var.
Katie is the Executive Director of SkillsUSA Council. The Council is a coalition of business and industry partners committed to finding, fostering, and producing a world-class workforce through career and technical training in the Greater Lehigh Valley. She is a former member of the Media and West Chester Rotary Clubs, where she appreciated the opportunity to get involved in the local community and to give back. A resident of Quakertown, she looks forward to her involvement with the ARC and to connecting and serving here in the Lehigh Valley! 
Varee recently launched a second career as a vacation specialist with Dream Vacations. For over 13 years, she's held various roles in the behavioral healthcare field as a mental health counselor, case manager and clinical/mobile therapist. Varee has always been passionate about helping individuals and families from diverse backgrounds improve their personal well-being and life satisfaction. She plans to be a regular at our "enlightening meetings," is interested in participating in our international and youth initiatives, and looks forward to helping to bring positive change in our community.
Both women bring a wealth of skills and life experience to enrich our fellowship and our work in the community! Welcome Katie and Varee!
Peace Invocation
Rolf's invocation for Jim's Peace Building talk is definitely worth repeating here for those who missed it. 
William Tecumseh Sherman William Tecumseh Sherman said:
"I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell."
Carrying back our dead and wounded from Vietnam on board my C-141 hospital aircraft, I have only seen a tiny fraction of the horrors myself. This small personal measure causes me to search for the words.
Let’s use the word of war:
  • To kill the lie that war is inevitable!
  • To kill the lie that war is glorious!
  • to kill the lie that war is an appropriate and an ultimate solution to conflict!
Let’s hear how Rotary has a role in ending war in this century
Peace Building - Definitions/Facts
These are excerpts from Jim Palmquist's presentation - anyone who would like a copy of the entire transcript, please click here:
There is more that we can do to build peace.  And the timing of the decision on the next global effort at Rotary coincides with the realization Rotary is one of the best organizations in the world to lead peacebuilding while the world is hungering for more of it.
But first here are three definitions:    
  • Peacekeeping – The prevention or ending of violence within or between nation-states through the intervention of an outside third party that keeps the warring parties apart. Unlike peacemaking, which involves negotiating a resolution to the issues in conflict, the goal of peacekeeping is simply preventing further violence.UN blue helmets
  • Peacemaking – The term used to refer to negotiating the resolution of a conflict between people, groups or nations. It goes beyond peacekeeping to actually deal with the issues in dispute, but falls short of peacebuilding, which aims toward reconciliation and normalization of relations between ordinary people, not just the formal resolution which is written on paper.Camp David Peace Accords in 1978-Jimmy Carter, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin
Making Tracks to the Future, Weekend of April 27th
Editor's Note:  Many thanks to Emmaus Rotary President, Burt Duren for this informative article about the upcoming District Conference!
President's Note:  At the last ARC Board meeting we voted to defray part of the registration fee for attendees.  I am already registered, along with Marci and Lou, for Saturday, the 28th.   Please consider joining us - it will be an educational and fun day.
Have you ever attended a Rotary District Conference?  When considering past conferences, many have said the cost was too high, the location was too far away, and attendance required a significant time commitment - and for some conferences that may well have been true.  District 7430 Governor Rick Gromis decided to do something about these objections with the 2018 District Conference which he is hosting on Friday April 27 through Sunday April 29.
Location: The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Wyomissing which is just 30 miles southwest of our Brookside Country Club meeting location – practically in our own backyard.  This is the first time the conference has been held inside the District in many years. image
Cost & Time Commitment:  DG Rick is providing an a la carte approach to pricing and attendance.  If you wish to attend the entire conference, the fee is $199.  But, if you prefer to attend on Saturday only, the cost is just $99.  For those who can’t do either, you can attend the “Best of the Wurst” session on Friday night for just $60 which will feature a local craft beer tasting, lots of brats & a German-themed dinner, entertainment and the opportunity to experience the fellowship and networking with District Rotarians from 45 clubs covering five counties.  Of course, if you choose to stay over in Wyomissing, your financial commitment will be higher due to lodging costs.  But, attending on Friday or Saturday not only eliminates that cost, but also reduces the time away from home.

I haven’t even mentioned the fine program that DG Rick’s committee has planned. 
Smile Reminder
Smile articles, contents, event announcements and photos are dependent on input from board members, committee chairs, and members.  When you have an upcoming event/meeting or have info to share about club activities and members, click here to send content via e-mail.   ARC Smile is usually sent to members and friends of ARC on Wednesday of each week, so please get your info to us by Tuesday whenever possible.
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