Posted by Barb Bottitta on Mar 25, 2018
Let me start this week's message by wishing everyone a happy, holy, peaceful Easter and Passover seasons.  As is appropriate for this season of the year, we are dedicating this week's edition of the Smile to the theme of  "peace."  Following up on last Friday's thought provoking presentation by Jim Palmquist on Rotary International Peace Building efforts and plans, we thought this was the perfect time to provide in-depth coverage of that speech and the  opportunity it raises for us.  We've included Frank Whelan's excellent overview, Rolf Schlake's moving invocation, a link to the RI peace video and several excerpts of Jim Palmquist's talk.  My hope is that all members will take a moment this week to reflect on the thoughts and ideas expressed below.  Allentown Rotary leadership is committed to considering goals around peace building for future Rotary years and I'm pleased to share that after the meeting, several members expressed an interest in possibly leading these efforts.   More to come!
REMEMBER - no meeting this weekClick here to register early  (by March 31) for our special event at Vault 634 in May -  see details below.  To whet your enthusiasm, here's a link to the Vault 634's exciting new website.
We have repeated last week's Smile announcement about the District Conference on the weekend of April 27th - please consider attending.  At the last ARC Board meeting leadership voted to defray part of  the registration fee for ARC attendees.  I am already registered, along with Marci and Lou.   Please consider joining us - it will be an educational and fun day.
The Camp Neidig Registration Site is now officially open. Our 2018 Camp Neidig Youth Leadership Program will be held June 15th- June 18th at Camp Manatawny.  Camp Neidig continues to be GREEN this year.  All forms are available on the Camp Neidig website and there's also a short video there that is a wonderful tool to use for recruitment of campers.  Our son Matt attended Camp Neidig almost 20 years ago - it was a great experience then and in today's world, it is even more valuable experience for our high school students and leaders of tomorrow.