Posted by Barb Bottitta on Feb 22, 2018
Well, February is almost over, and WOW, we got to enjoy 2 beautiful days of record-breaking 70+ degrees weather.  What a great respite after last weekend's snow.
Lots of positive Rotary news to share with everyone this week.  At the top of my list, Marcie Schick, Don Wieand and I have been working for several months on updating the Bylaws for our Club.  It's been 8 years since they were last reviewed and revised, and lots has changed in those 8 years.  We're using the Rotary International Bylaws as a guideline.  Our goal is to have a draft ready for the Board of Directors in March. 

Below is the second membership notice for two spouses, Lou and Tom, who are joining our Allentown Rotary Club (ARC).  I'd like to encourage other members to consider asking their spouses to join ARC.  From personal experience, I can say how much Lou and I have enjoyed working together on ARC projects and this weekly newsletter, the Smile.  (Click "read more" for my other annoucements!)
I'm so happy that Lou is becoming an official member.  Have you talked with your spouse about the many reasons he or she might want to join ARC?  I'd be happy to join the conversation to help "convince" your spouse to join us.
This Friday's speaker is Christine Isabelle Oakland, PHD - she's an Art Consultant and Art Historian. 

Christine will speak about the West Park Art-in-the-Park and share some of her art adventures. More about Christine can be found here.

Mark your calendar now for June 16 when, Art-in-the-Park returns to Allentown's beautiful, sylvan West Park with a rejuvenated look and new exhibitors.  The show will feature original works of fine art and crafts by 70+ artists from the Lehigh Valley and surrounding states.

And speaker alert, our own Rolf Schlake will offer his professional (and personal?) perspective on marijuana at our March 9th meeting.  The title of this talk:

A primer on marijuana….. medical, recreational, hemp, edibles????? 
Fortunately, this will not be like our Asian Pears presentation - NO free samples!  I wouldn't invite any police to be guests at this meeting either.  Seriously, Rolf has promised me that this talk will be in good taste (although that might just be another pun!) *** See our ARC calendar in the right hand column of Smile for details.
NOTE: Lou and Rolf have switched meeting dates -  Lou's Club Runner presentation will be March 2nd and Rolf will be talking smack on March 9th.  Don't get the dates confused or you may be sadly disappointed.

Last item for me, we think we've fixed our microphone problem at Bell Hall.  After the last meeting, we checked the back of the amplifier and found that the volume switch was set too low.  Then, Victor, our speaker, checked out the amplifier too - his company installed the system at Bell Hall.  He made some additional changes.  Fingers crossed that everyone will be able to hear better at future meetings!