On December 7th, Judy Belaires and Nan Yarrish presented information about the Roger and Louise Mullin Scholarship to about 150 students students at Dieruff High School auditorium for their annual Scholarship Assembly.  The Assembly is organized by Dieruff's Guidance Office.  Judy gave a brief overview of the intent of the Mullin Scholarship, emphasizing community service, scholastic achievement, and financial need.  She pointed out the $3,000 per year scholarship is competitive and is renewable for 4 years of college.  Nan spoke about the commitment of the Club to supporting educational opportunities in Allentown High Schools and about Roger and Louise Mullin's commitment to the children in Allentown through this Scholarship. 
Judy and Nan were one of 5 representatives of Scholarship opportunities.  The Roger and Louise Mullin Scholarship was the largest amount presented and was open to all the students.  Some of the scholarships were niche scholarships, emphasizing specific populations in the student body.  For more details on the Mullin Scholarship, click here.