Rolf Schlake gave this invocation for our meeting on Friday which featured the speaker from the Iron Pigs.   Rolf says it was inspired by something he heard a few years ago and it inspired this thought-provoking invocation combining baseball analogies and the Rotary 4 Steps:  


In this game of life we have all worn different uniforms:


Blue Jays in our squawking and complaining, 

Pirates in some of our dealings, 

Dodgers of responsibility.

However, we can readily get out of this foul territory, by being a Mariner and getting ourselves on course, by being 

Braves in our convictions, 

Giants in our impact, 

Tigers in our actions, and

Royals in our ethics

Whether we put on Red sox or White sox, we know that:

By playing by the rules

with knowledge and skill, 

by practicing hard and 

using dogged self-determination, 

we will handle the curve balls and will minimize our errors, get out of our slump, and maybe not hit a home run every time, but with singles, move the runner of good deeds along the base path.

So as we come up to the batter’s box of everyday, we’ve been given the sign from the dugout to swing for the fences and implement the game plan of Rotary, knowing that:







  Play Ball !!