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Well, February is almost over, and WOW, we got to enjoy 2 beautiful days of record-breaking 70+ degrees weather.  What a great respite after last weekend's snow.
Lots of positive Rotary news to share with everyone this week.  At the top of my list, Marcie Schick, Don Wieand and I have been working for several months on updating the Bylaws for our Club.  It's been 8 years since they were last reviewed and revised, and lots has changed in those 8 years.  We're using the Rotary International Bylaws as a guideline.  Our goal is to have a draft ready for the Board of Directors in March. 

Below is the second membership notice for two spouses, Lou and Tom, who are joining our Allentown Rotary Club (ARC).  I'd like to encourage other members to consider asking their spouses to join ARC.  From personal experience, I can say how much Lou and I have enjoyed working together on ARC projects and this weekly newsletter, the Smile.  (Click "read more" for my other annoucements!)
Manufacturing in Center City? We saw it with our own eyes!
Last Thursday, twenty members and guests enjoyed networking, happy hour and a tour at Applied Separations. Special thanks to Rolf for hosting and giving us a peak into his operation. We were all amazed at the global reach of his supercritical fluids technology, starting right here in downtown.
Mark your calendar for our March 15 networking and happy hour 5:30 pm at the Perfect Fit's upscale resale boutique at 3 City Center, 515 Hamilton St. Check out the photos at our link below and their Facebook page for a look inside! 
That same evening, plan to drop by Zion's Liberty Bell Museum for the opening of "The Waves of Immigration in the Lehigh Valley." Our own Frank Whelan is organizing the exhibit and will be speaking that evening on the earliest immigrants, the Germans.
More information to come!
On December 7th, Judy Belaires and Nan Yarrish presented information about the Roger and Louise Mullin Scholarship to about 150 students students at Dieruff High School auditorium for their annual Scholarship Assembly.  The Assembly is organized by Dieruff's Guidance Office.  Judy gave a brief overview of the intent of the Mullin Scholarship, emphasizing community service, scholastic achievement, and financial need.  She pointed out the $3,000 per year scholarship is competitive and is renewable for 4 years of college.  Nan spoke about the commitment of the Club to supporting educational opportunities in Allentown High Schools and about Roger and Louise Mullin's commitment to the children in Allentown through this Scholarship. 
Judy and Nan were one of 5 representatives of Scholarship opportunities.  The Roger and Louise Mullin Scholarship was the largest amount presented and was open to all the students.  Some of the scholarships were niche scholarships, emphasizing specific populations in the student body.  For more details on the Mullin Scholarship, click here.
Rolf Schlake gave this invocation for our meeting on Friday which featured the speaker from the Iron Pigs.   Rolf says it was inspired by something he heard a few years ago and it inspired this thought-provoking invocation combining baseball analogies and the Rotary 4 Steps:  


In this game of life we have all worn different uniforms:


Blue Jays in our squawking and complaining, 

Pirates in some of our dealings, 

Dodgers of responsibility.

However, we can readily get out of this foul territory, by being a Mariner and getting ourselves on course, by being 

Braves in our convictions, 

Giants in our impact, 

Tigers in our actions, and

Royals in our ethics

Whether we put on Red sox or White sox, we know that:

By playing by the rules

with knowledge and skill, 

by practicing hard and 

using dogged self-determination, 

we will handle the curve balls and will minimize our errors, get out of our slump, and maybe not hit a home run every time, but with singles, move the runner of good deeds along the base path.

So as we come up to the batter’s box of everyday, we’ve been given the sign from the dugout to swing for the fences and implement the game plan of Rotary, knowing that:







  Play Ball !!

By Frank Whelan
In 1952 members of the Allentown Police Department were confronted with a problem. They had picked up a young man that needed medical attention. But he only spoke Spanish and they just could not find anyone in the community that did. Finally, at Sacred Heart Hospital a woman who worked in the housekeeping department who was Puerto Rican was found.
After that the police got to know Francisco Suarez, a laborer at Bethlehem Steel who acted as an interpreter. His wife later recalled that there were maybe 16 to 20 Puerto Ricans in the Allentown Bethlehem area at that time. Her husband worked at Bethlehem Steel, “because it was one of the few places that would hire Puerto Ricans.”
But in 2018 it is a different Allentown and Lehigh Valley, as members of the Allentown Rotary Club learned at there February 16th meeting from Victor Salicetti, chairman of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Lehigh Valley. Not only has the Hispanic population of Allentown and the Lehigh Valley grown dramatically but they are taking part in and forming many new businesses.
Community Bike Works (CBW) is blazing new trails. At their new East Allentown location and through new cycling programs, they are helping more students than ever build life skills through bike skills.  For more information on sponsorship or to register, click here!

Celebrate their work to blaze new trails in their bike mentoring programs on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, 540 Union BoulevardAllentown, PA 18109.

Pictured above is Lou Bottitta  with a CBW mentee - they are at a rest stop during their 30 mile "Donut Donkey" ride.  Ask Lou for details about the health benefits of eating Krispy Creme donuts while trying to do a long distance ride.  The CBW student did eat more donuts than Lou, LOL!

Did you know you can become a "Chain Link" or a "Supporting Spoke" or even a "Rotating Wheel" for the Gala to enable more Allentown students to participate in this proven youth mentoring program?   For more information on sponsorship or to register for the Gala, click here!

At the Gala, you'll hear from students about how they are working with mentors to blaze new trails, and you'll have the opportunity to help "Build a Bike" to bring bike mentoring to even more Lehigh Valley students. 

Music has been an important part of leading an ordinary life for students at the Music School for Children With Disabilities in Honor of Paul Harris in Lublin, Poland. Founded by Rotary members, the school serves 20 students with various disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, and visual impairments. The Rotary Club of Lublin-Centrum-Maria Curie-Sklodowska has provided funding with help from Rotary Foundation Matching Grants and the Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society, which houses the school.
After their son Mateusz was born with underdeveloped eyes, Mariusz and Joanna Kania looked for ways to help him be active. When he showed an aptitude for music, they looked for a teacher and were thrilled to find the Paul Harris music school.
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