Posted by Bob Elser on Nov 14, 2017


At the November 14th meeting of the York-East Rotary Club, OLLI lecturer and film buff, Rich Santel gave a fascinating account of the development of the movie Casablanca.  It is a film which, although originally produced and released in 1942, still resonates with moviegoers today.  It was interesting that of the 40 plus members in attendance, only a handful have not ever seen the film despite it having been released 75 years ago. 
The combination of contemporary global political events, the war in North Africa, the fall of Casablanca to the Axis powers, its subsequent recapture by Allied Forces, and the Casablanca Conference of Roosevelt, Churchill, and DeGaulle, coalesced to stoke interest in the film at its premiere.
The film has given rise to phrases that are commonly used in American English: “round up the usual suspects”, “play it again, Sam” (although this phrase didn’t actually appear in the movie), and “we’ll always have Paris”.  Those who have seen the movie may want to view it again based on Mr. Santel’s talk.