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Wednesday was a perfect evening at the West Shore Country Club!
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August 24, Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Mike Jaeger
What another great Monday meeting for the Rotary Club of Harrisburg! President James Good rang the bell at approximately 12:02pm and greeted everyone. The meeting’s beginning followed tradition:
  • Steve Schwartz led the invocation
  • Addeline played The Rotary Song.
  • The Club performed the Pledge of Allegiance
  • James reviewed the Four Way Test
  • James thanked our Corporate Members for their support
A few announcements were made:
  • Addeline reminded the Club about nominations for the Community Service Award and shared instruction on how to nominate members.  Three members can be nominated by emailing Addeline but they cannot be past winners or board members.
  • Happy Hour was announced for Wednesday, Aug 26 from 5pm-7pm at the West Shore Country Club
  • The Club is seeking volunteers to help promote social distancing at Kipona
  • Good News Reporting – Steve, Matt, Ski and JC all had good news to share with the group and we congratulate all of them on good fortune.  Donations for Good News Reporting can be made through the website.
  • The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank service project was recapped and James took a poll from the meeting participants on their interest in doing service projects once a month in place of a Monday meeting. 31 members, or 97%, responded in favor.
  • James shared that dues typically spent on club lunches, that have gone to local charities since the beginning of COVID, have grown to $13,600 and we have received a lot of positive feedback for the generosity. This past week’s funds were directed to the Salvation Army of Harrisburg/Capital City Region
We were honored to have Cathy Anderson from The Salvation Army of Harrisburg/Capital City Region in our presence to speak about the organization. She shared that they have never shutdown through COVID and since March 16th, in addition to their normal services and outreach, they have provided emergency food assistance in a drive-thru style format. The initiative has produced 370,000 meals to over 12,000 people and over 1,000 households. The organization has partnered with Central PA Food Bank in the effort. She also shared that Head Start kids come back next week and that they are starting a school enrichment program 2 days/week for several schools that will supplement the schools’ educational efforts and solve challenges for working parents. There will be 36 virtual cooking classes and recipe kits will be given to kids as part of the supplemental education.

Following Cathy, the Club was treated to its guest speaker. Mary Oliveira introduced Stephanie D’Oliveira, SVP of Human Resources at Sheetz. Stephanie attended the meeting to share how Sheetz has been leading through COVID. Mary shared some impressive history and professional achievements of Stephanie before handing over the “podium.”

Stephanie started by sharing her appreciation for the Harrisburg Club’s strong service to community as she believes our type of work makes communities stronger. Next, she shared Sheetz history with its humble, family root beginnings with Bob Sheetz in Altoona, PA in 1952. She shared that the company started with a family culture and community mindset that continues today. The company is family owned and operated and believes in leading community spirit and fulfilling community needs. Sheetz has grown to $8B in annual revenue with 600 stores and 21,000 employees in 6 states and they are not slowing down their growth plans. The core of Sheetz success and what drives them is in what she referred to as “Sheetz DNA” or their values. Respect of employees, customers and communities is at the heart of their values.
COVID has presented this strong, well-run company with challenges that many organizations are facing for a first time. There was no playbook for a pandemic situation and Stephanie began by speaking about how the organization approached it.
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They quickly learned best practices by following CDC guidelines. They paired their education with belief in the importance of being transparent to employees and customers. Enforcing masks, washing hands, sanitizing, and disinfecting were all enforced. As an “Essential Business” Sheetz discussed safety and job security with its employees. From a safety standpoint, they constantly provided updates and best practices as new information came out from the CDC. They increased disinfecting to every 4 hours which goes beyond safety standards and educated employees how to navigate the polarizing opinion of mask enforcement which Sheetz supports. From a job security standpoint, Sheetz increased wages for employees for a period of time, encouraged employees to stay home if they were not feeling well, performed health checks daily, allowed additional leave for sickness and even put a monetary support program in place to help to assist spouses of employees put out of work due to COVID. Out of 21,000 employees, Sheetz has only 155 positive cases and there has only been 1 known case where COVID was passed at work. Sheetz is also working on a solution to help parents as they face the challenges of children going back to school. Employees can ask for schedule changes for 30 days to figure out how their kids schedules will affect them. From a community standpoint, Stephanie shared that between April and June the organization provided 250,000 free lunches to kids.
Stephanie did an outstanding job painting a picture of challenges faced by Sheetz and how their values, coordination of leadership, and strong sense of community is guiding them through.
The meeting was adjourned following Stephanie’s presentation at approximately 12:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Mike Jaeger

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