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Submitted by Carrie Wissler Thomas
WE ARE BACK AT LAST – HOORAY! President JAMES GOOD opened the first in-person meeting at the Hilton since March of 2020,  musing that we had missed 35 meetings during COVID. He enthusiastically praised everyone for keeping Rotary going with Zoom meetings and hard work, but it is fantastic to be together in person again!
DICK STEWART gave the invocation, followed by JOHN HICKEY’s leading the Club in the singing of The National Anthem. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a recitation of The Four Way Test.
PRESIDENT JAMES introduced JOAN DICKINSON, who introduced guests, many of whom were prospective members. New Member HAGIR ELSHEIKH then presented her Mini-Classification Talk, in which she explained that originally she had been a refugee from Sudan. She is now a human  rights activist,  involved passionately in many non-profit organizations, and runs a non-profit herself to help victims of domestic violence.  She has a daughter attending University of Pittsburgh, as well as a two-year-old – she had remarried and started a second family! Her life is dedicated to helping others in whatever way possible.
PRESIDENT JAMES then announced that on Wednesday, July 14, there will be a celebration of the amazing life of the late Dr. John Judson at the Rife Centre on the East Campus of Bethany Village, Mechanicsburg, at 2 PM. BOB SALINE reminded everyone that an R.S.V.P. is required to attend. Then on July 21, there will be a celebration of Rotary at the West Shore Country Club. Again, an R.S.V.P. is required in order to attend.
At this point, new PRESIDENT MATT STAUB presented a plaque to outgoing PRESIDENT JAMES GOOD. A standing ovation was given  to honour JAMES’ stellar service over the past extremely challenging year. PRESENTED MATT acknowledged all the out-going Board Members, asking them to stand, and then acknowledged all the new Board Members as well. He thanked all the members of the Club for their hard work over the past very difficult year and a half. He empathized that new challenges await, but with our first in-person meeting since March 16, 2020, we are moving ahead.
PRESIDENT MATT outlined three goals for the coming year:
  1. To get the wheels of Rotary turning full-speed again, with moving ahead with the events and projects either cancelled or severely curtailed by COVID.
  2. To grow our Club by adding 10+ new members. Last year we were down 16 members, but now we hope our membership will grow and thrive once again.
  3. Our Club #23 is the “jewel in the crown” of our District, and we  have an obligation to lead our community. We need to shape the Club for the future with a new strategic plan, and need to attract new young members, blending tradition with innovation. Change needs to come, but not to the detriment of tradition worth retaining and cherishing.
PRESIDENT MATT concluded his talk by joking that those who know him, know he is not by nature an “excitable” person. However, he IS excited about the Rotary year to come!
The meeting concluded at 12:30 PM – a brief meeting, but one rich in the pleasure of us all being together again at last!
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