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June 29 Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Mike Jaeger
Another well attended Zoom meeting for the Rotary Club of Harrisburg on Monday, June 29th!  Acting President, James Good, opened with a few technical remarks for Zoom settings and passed the audio to Dr. Doug Pieper who led the invocation. After listening to, and I’m sure every belted out, The Rotary Song, the Club pledged allegiance to our flag. James Good concluded the opening of the meeting with a review of the Four Way Test and a couple of announcements thanking club members assisting with the meeting as well as our corporate members/sponsors. He then introduced Kris Pedaprolu to give his mini-classification speech.
Kris began is classification with energy and passion that continued throughout his classification presentation. He briefly gave us a glimpse into his background sharing that he has a six-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, is married to his wife Patti, and works as a software engineer. He also eluded to having a passion about investing. However, this was not the focus of his classification; rather, Kris focused on what motivates him…”Why I do what I do.”  Kris shared a moment he had with his son camping where he said to his son, “I love you to the moon and back.”  Expecting the usual reply from his son about loving him even more, his son instead replied, “Would you have loved me if I were not your son?”  This was impactful and deeply thought provoking for Kris over the next few days. He contemplated what really separates his son or his family from other children, families, and people in general.
In conclusion, he realized not much separates us at all. It allowed the statistics he hears about poverty and death rates to mean even more to him than before…it struck an emotional chord he ties to the love and caring for his family. He shared that we have amazing tech resources at our disposal to make life easier but the most powerful tool we have is ourselves with our ability to master the use of resources for good and our “iron will” we can achieve anything we want. Those who “have” can use it to help others in need through provision of resources and education about how to use resources available to them. Kris’ mission is to have an impact on people and he is spreading his sail to bring TLC (Technology, Love, & Creative Financing) to others in need. Kris concluded by thanking the Club. It was a passionate and inspiring message Kris shared with everyone.
Following Kris’ mini-classification, James proceeded into the main topic of the day’s meeting – Rotary Harrisburg’s 209/2020 Year in Review. James shared high-level accomplishments and why it is important to do such a review:
  1. People have a need to pause and reflect about their work
  2. When people document accomplishments it affirms actions to mission
  3. Our stories inspire ourselves and others to continue good work
As part of the review, James shared that we have 161 members, 38 committees and 1 vision. He shared a quote by Paul Harris:
“Perhaps dreaming is not so bad if one dreams good dreams and makes them come true.”
Videos Galore!!
James shared an experience from Rotary and his first visit to Haiti. On the trip, he heard the two most powerful words he has ever heard spoken. He asked the group to private message him what they thought those words were and he would share at the end. The winner would receive an AMAZING, wonderful, Rotary mug!  James proceeded to share a video highlighting the year. The videos displayed club members and their contributions through the 38 committees whether it be assisting with Club Services, Membership, Finance, Youth, Local Service Projects, International Service Projects or Fundraising. It takes everyone doing a little bit of something to make a club and a community work. 
Following the video, James took a moment to share the OUTSTANDING foundational support Addeline provides to the Club. He also showed another short video highlighting board member contribution to the Club and thanked them for their service and support.
Stay tuned to see how you can get some cool Rotary swag like this AMAZING, WONDERFUL ROTARY MUG!
Next, James moved into allowing a few folks to share some committee accomplishments. Chris Santiago, Chair of the Dominican Dental Clinic committee, led off. The Club has been involved with the dental clinic for over 25 years. Charlie spoke and shared a video displaying pictures from the trip to the Dominican in November 2019. Charlie shared that he and his wife had never been on a mission trip and it was a life changing experience. The Club’s efforts there provided people and children dental work they would never receive without support. They are unsure of how the trip in 2020 will unfold with COVID but they are hopeful to return to do more great and important work.
Next, Brad Gebhart shared information on Youth Community Development Team that incorporates three high schools (John Harris, SciTech and Bishop McDevitt) and soon, Steelton High School. The committee YCDT committee is currently Co-Chaired by Brad Gebhart and Andy Phillips; committee members include: Marion Alexander, Gillian Byerly, Travis DiNicola, Jenn Doyle, and Nancy Venner.  The team brings kids together to learn about philanthropy and the issues and problems their communities face. The kids work together to come to consensus and choose a problem they want to solve. They raise money from family, friends and Rotary and allocate that money to their chosen focus. The Rotary team will start recruiting new students in the upcoming school year to keep the momentum going. It is a great way to activate youth to help their community and the issues their communities face.
Andy Rebuck took stage next to share information about the Greenhouse Project. The project started a couple of years ago to restore the 1920 greenhouse in Reservoir Park. Under President Joyce, $5,000 was donated this year through a matching
District grant for four garden planters. COVID has delayed installation of the beds but the team is looking forward to getting going and getting their hands dirty. The result is going to be grand and really important to the Harrisburg community.
James moved to the Pancake Breakfast and the importance of its purpose. Proceeds from this signature fundraiser supports the Harrisburg City School’s Foundation work with displaced students and supplies our own scholarship funding program. James shared a video highlighting the pancake breakfast in 2019. Marion Alexander spoke and shared that we raised almost $30,000 in this past year’s breakfast.
James shared another video showing various committee projects and pictures of members performing them. Following the clip, James took a moment to highlight our Service on a Monday efforts through another video. Sue followed the video with an overview of her perspective on Monday service projects. Dictionary preparation, care packages for homeless and Food Bank volunteering were a few of the Service on a Monday projects. Sue is actively looking for volunteers to join the committee.
The Rotary Youth Exchange builds peace around the world one student at a time by learning language and culture of other countries. Friendships and memories are created and maintained through the program. Not being short on videos and background music from James’ personal collections, we were able to see moments captured through pictures of the Youth Exchange. Jill followed the video with some insight and perspective on the youth exchange experience. The program for 2019/2020 had to end early and next years has been cancelled due to COVID. Jill encouraged Club members to join the committee and also asked that committees welcome visiting exchange students to volunteer so they can get the full Rotary experience. Finally, Jill asked the Club to recruit youth family members or friends that may enjoy and benefit from the experience and also requested members to volunteer as a host family.
James concluded the year in review with a heartfelt thanks to the Club for all their efforts especially through the challenges of COVID and reminded us that Rotary is important now more than ever. He also circled back to his earlier question about what two powerful words heard in Haiti that were incredibly impactful to him; however, due to technical issues, the winners will need to be announced later.
The meeting concluded at 12:48.                                  Submitted by Mike Jaeger
Bulletin Editor
Addeline Alaniz Edwards
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