#RotaryClub23 answered the call to action from Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
The Rotary Club of Harrisburg is committed to reducing hunger Central Pennsylvania during the pandemic and economic crisis.
On Monday, July 20, 2020 seven members of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg packed boxes for Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.
The food bank has implemented extra safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Operations have been moved to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in order to allow space for social distancing.
To date, Rotary Club of Harrisburg has donated $2,400.00 from our unused lunch budget to Central Pennsylvania Food bank since we have been meeting virtually.
Pictured are club members Harry Derrick, Matt Staub, James Good, Kris Pedaprolu, Karen Good, Addeline Alaniz Edwards and Una Martone. 
James GoodHarry DerrickUna Martone
Addeline Alaniz-Edwards
Jul 20, 2020 12:00 PM
Manufacturing through COVID-19 and Beyond
Jul 27, 2020 12:00 PM
Pennsylvania Secretary of Budget
Aug 03, 2020 12:00 PM
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s COVID-19 Crisis Response
Aug 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Infectious Disease Specialist, UPMC
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Lunches not included in your dues? Click the link below to make a donation on your own!
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July 20 Meeting Minutes
Submitted by Karen Paris
Our call to order occurred promptly at 12:01PM with the ringing of the bell and President James Good’s hope that we are all cool and healthy.  The Invocation from Doug Pieper emphasized that Rotary asks us all to take steps forward to help people have better lives.  President Good also referenced the Four Way Test as we go forward.  Club Singing is now a virtual activity so we trust that each and every one of you was belting out “Lift Every Voice” along with performer Emma Johnson  today in the comfort (or perhaps more important, privacy)  of your own private space, be that home or a closed office door.  (Don’t write back if that is not happening.…)
Announcements included a reminder that dues are “due” and can be paid at, or mailed to the new office in Camp Hill. There are 2 service projects for Central Pennsylvania Food Bank coming up.  One is tonight at the Farm Show from 5-7 P.M.  The next is scheduled for August 10th (same location, same charity). Today’s lunch money will be given to Hospice of Central PA.   “Joy to the Burg”, a holiday CD, is underway for 2020 and will benefit homeless services  in Harrisburg. 
Next up was “Meet the Member” starring our own  Jill Tenney!   She is a photo journalist and a runner. Jill lives and breathes Rotary as exemplified by her experience as an exchange student in France, her children's Rotary exchange experiences, and her current  role as District Chair for ROTEX.  She also volunteers for Girls on the Run and the Four Diamonds Fund.
Our speaker was introduced by Mary Olivera .  David Taylor is President  & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Organization which is over 100 yrs old. Mr. Taylor has been with the organization for 23 of those years.  Originally from Huntingdon PA, he has  a college degree in history and theatre management.  He is a fan of Calvin Coolidge.  In 1990 he worked for President Bush’s re-election campaign.  He also worked for PA Senator John Shumaker and US Senator Rick Santorum so he knows PA politics. He works with schools  and workforce development networks.
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Mr. Taylor says that the manufacturing sector adds $87,000,000,000 to PA’s economy.  The core manufacturing business changes the job market for many and helps to create and uphold prosperity.  He feels that PA’s tragedy is that our state has grown more slowly than the national average.  Although we do better than NY or NJ, we are behind North Carolina and Indiana.  PA has bio tech and manufacturing in the State, but we need to make more positive changes in our business climate. Issues that impede progress include the following:
  1. Government  spends faster than it  makes money
  2. The State needs pro-growth tax relief as it has the highest flat tax rate in country,
  3. PA needs regulatory reform. Nothing should be on auto pilot – periodic review is needed.
  4. PA needs to limit lawsuits against businesses.
  5. It needs to address the complex issue of Labor Law and the workforce.
He emphasized that PA  industry uses a lot of energy and could use the byproducts of the shale mfg business.   And, the Industry needs a safe harbor to prevent lawsuits regarding the coronavirus.
He put in a special word on the job force in PA -- jobs are currently going wanting because we don’t value certain types of work; however, we can’t afford to close off these options for young people.  Not everyone needs to go to college and PA has good job opportunities.    
He respects the Rotary spirit of service, saying it helps make America great.  His grandfather was a Rotarian, his sister was a Rotary Scholar and his dad was a Lion.  He feels that civic leadership makes our lives rich and meaningful. Mr. Taylor is an advocate of a  free country and a  free economy. His mission is to advocate for PA in the  manufacturing industry.  It creates jobs and offers careers, and no matter what a company manufactures, it adds value to the economy yearly.   
The manufacturing industry sustains millions of other jobs nationally. This is what he fights for .  He says that rules were set by the government without consulting industry. They shut things that other things depend on.  And, manufacturers are problem solvers.  He gave examples of how industry has overcome obstacles  just this year -- booze manufacturers have started to produce hand sanitizer, and airline manufacturers are making ventilators.  Noting that PA is an American energy superpower, he feels that this could make America much stronger and less dependent.
He ended by citing several points. 1) China’s influence on manufacturing undercuts and damages PA’s economy;  trade is for allies. 2) Changing right to work laws.  3) Unions should earn members just like companies  earn customers.  4) Labor and management must agree on appreciating each other. 5) PA has stepped up to make medical equipment and supplies during the coronavirus, which involved lots of retooling.  
President James thanked our speaker for a great presentation, noting that he would make a great Rotarian.  Nate,  Steve, and Una were winners of today’s contest regarding the picture he put up of a box (“think outside…”); future contests like today’s will be coming up, so stay on your toes….
The Next Rotary Board meeting will focus on how to do great zoom meetings. And, stay tuned for more service projects.
“Make it a great Rotary week”, Pres. James noted in full presidential style; he adjourned the meeting at 12:59 PM.
Submitted by Karen Paris
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