Please join us for our next meeting on Monday, August 8 at noon at the Hilton Harrisburg. We are delighted to welcome Rotary District 7390 Governor, Juliet Altenburg as our guest speaker. Juliet will tell us about Stop The Bleed, a worldwide program that trains people to stop bleeding in severely injured people. She will also share how Imagine Rotary inspires her and her work for our district. To make DG Juliet feel most welcome we invite you to wear purple, and join us for a standing ovation when she is introduced.  
At our August 8 meeting, we will recognize our club members who reached new Paul Harris Fellowship levels in 2021-2022!
Richard A. Curl PHF+1
Brian J. Ostella PHF+1
Peggy A. Grove PHF+2
Karen Cullings PHF+3
Joan E. Dickinson PHF+4
Raymond P. Pepe PHF+4
John R. Detweiler PHF+5

Listed above are Rotarians who have supported the Rotary Foundation (of Rotary International) with gifts of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus or an approved foundation grant. They are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. Multiple Paul Harris Fellows are indicated with a + when they give additional gifts of $1,000. The Rotary Club of Harrisburg salutes our members who are Paul Harris Fellows and thanks them for their support of these RI efforts. Gifts to the Rotary Foundation (of Rotary International) are separate from gifts to the Harrisburg Rotary Foundation. If you have questions about your giving to either foundation, or wish to see a record of your giving, please reach out to the Executive Director, Addeline at  

Multiple Paul Harris Fellow
When you give additional gifts of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant.
Paul Harris Society member
When you elect to contribute $1,000 or more annually to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant. Learn more about the Paul Harris Society.
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Club member Dave Prediger presented a mat made from recycled plastic bags to Rotarian Steve Schwartz following the luncheon meeting on August 1. Dave spent nearly a month assembling the mat and Steve is planning to present it to a member of the homeless community served by Christian Churches United. Thank you Dave for your craftsmanship and thoughtfulness.
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Rotary Minutes
August 1, 2022
Submitted by Karen Paris
After Norma’s music got us all in the mood, the meeting was called to order at 12:10 P.M.  by Beth Mihmet, our fearless President.  We had a short meditation and then John Hickey led us in “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Beth then thanked everyone who helped with today’s meeting. Angela announced that we had several guests today in attendance as well – David Holliday was Meghan Bachmore’s  guest and Norman Baildy was Angela Tatum’s guest-- they may become members.  (Yeah)!!   
Beth had several announcements.  She thanked the event planners for such a great City Island Get-Together last week. She called it a “fabulous opportunity” as the weather was perfect and we had a private area at the north end of the Island for our get-together, which was well-attended.  October 25 is our next get-together so save that date on your calendar. 
Beth also announced that next week our new D.G. (District Governor), Juliet, will be here to address the Club.  Make sure you wear purple for that meeting.  Paul Harris Fellowships will be announced at that meeting as well.  On October 1, 2022, there will be an event in Shippensburg for the District.  Not sure, but it may involve bicycles (stay tuned for details).  Our in-bound exchange student Martin will be coming to Harrisburg in August.   RMB (Rotary Means Business) will be August 17 – it’s a great networking event for all members and will be held in Carlisle. 
There were three new Rotarians at our New Member Orientation today.  (Everyone needs to seek out one new member for the Club this year, please.)  
Ellen Brown introduced our speaker, John Baer.   Mr. Baer has won numerous awards for column-writing and investigative journalism, including honors from the Associated Press Managing Editors, the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Journalists and the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. In 2018, he won First Place in the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Media Awards for commentary on issues of law and justice. In 2015, he won First Place for column-writing in the Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association's Keystone Press Awards and First Place for column-writing from the Associated Press Managing Editors. He was a recipient of the Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association's 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in recognition of "outstanding service" to the Pennsylvania newspaper industry. He was a recipient of the 2014 Common Cause of Pennsylvania Media Award for "distinguished reporting" on ethics and accountability in government. He is the author of the book "On the Front Lines of Pennsylvania Politics: Twenty-Five Years of Keystone Reporting"(The History Press, 2012). He is a founder and president of the Pennsylvania Press Club and a board member and past president of the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association.
Mr. Baer quips that he “grew up in a newsroom.”  He started working at the “Harrisburg Patriot” in 1972 (Watergate and Hurricane Agnes time).  He gave us an overview on the state of the Commonwealth’s current politics and politicians. Of ALL his experience in reporting politics, this is the very “oddest” time he can remember.  Right now, the Commonwealth has 2 Democratic Senators (last time that occurred was in the 1940’s) and if a Democrat wins this next round, it will be the first time for three successive Democratic Senators in PA.  He gave us some fun facts – This election cycle is, to say the least, “unconventional” with Fetterman, and, if John Fetterman wins, he will take a pay cut. He pointed out that there are several “unconventional” candidates running for office as Mastriano and Oz also are running.  He did state that “Democrats always try to kill each other.” 
Foreign policy would point to a Republican year, but even Fox News has both Shapiro and Fetterman leading.  And, if they both win, “What a story” that would make!   Fetterman’s “folklorish” presence is really good.  Mr. Baer likened Fetterman to the 80’s, when Carter ran on a platform for better housing, education and transit.
He noted that Money and Politics are now the chief determinants of what happens in this country.  Money buys action.  News used to be getting at least close to the truth, but the media has changed drastically.  Our speaker was also blown away by the level of hate mail received regarding Obama’s election in 2008.  His biggest message to college students (and to us?) is to “train your mind to think.  Don’t let someone else tell you how/what to think.  He recommended the book “Fat City” to the audience and said that we need to find someone who might DO something, not just talk about it.
President Beth thanked him for his most interesting and insightful presentation.  She also reminded us to come for our District Governor’s visit as it will be good to hear about the District and its activities.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 PM. 
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