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Do you need to join a committee for Rotary?  Are you interested in helping Harrisburg area High school  Students make a real difference in our community?  Join our committee…the Youth Community Development Team (YCDT)  We are actively seeking new committee members.
This committee educates, informs and works with 30 to 40 high school students each year (October to May) on becoming philanthropists. Through monthly sessions we facilitate and  enable students to work together to identify a community need,  raise funds and award a grant to a local non-profit to address that need.  Students are involved in the process from start to finish; drafting a request for proposal (RFP),  making a fund raising presentation, reviewing grant applications, raising money peer-to-peer and awarding funds to a local non-profit.
Students work together learning to collaborate, compromise and develop persuasive skills while building relationships with students from other high schools. 
Join YCDT and have an impact on area high school students as they make a real difference in our community.
Andy Phillips
Rotary Club of Harrisburg

Joan S. Prescott

April 10, 1931  -  October 12, 2022
Last week President Beth shared the sad news regarding Rotary Club of Harrisburg member, Joan Prescott. During her 17 years of membership with the club, Joan chaired many programs to support America’s Veterans. This included several different initiatives with the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Just for Today (JFT) Recovery, and Veterans Support Services in Lemoyne.

Joan’s obituary has since been published and we’d like to share it with you here:
May Joan’s memory be eternal.
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Rotary Club of Harrisburg
Minutes October 24, 2022
Submitted by Andy Rebuck
A ghost, a cowboy, a doctor….    What, what am I doing?   Well, I was just thinking about what Halloween Costume to trick or treat with next week.   What?   Sure, I can write the minutes of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg meeting on October 24th as long as I can keep thinking about what costume might be best.
Spiderman, football player, the Tin Man…no one needed to say trick or treat as members were simply greeted and given a delicious purple cookie commemorating World Polio Day today.  Certainly no one was scared as President Beth rang the bell and asked Terrific Toni Mark and John Hickey to offer the invocation and club song and then smiled as Club members warmly greeted one another.
Ninja warrior, A chef, Phillies Fan…our meeting took off like a youngster heading to the neighbor’s door on trick or treat night as Marvelous Marion urged all members to consider joining the YCDT committee and Awesome Alicia Frederick introduced the four total guests with members’ Reese, Hoover and Martone.   We all slowed down for a moment of silence to remember our dear friend Joan Prescott.
Puppy Dog, Frankenstein, Superman…President Beth went hi-tech with a series of photos on the screen as the meeting allowed her to encourage members to consider securing a host family in Camp Hill Dec 1st to March 1st for Martin and to highlight World Polio Day and the bike ride later today to raise funds.   The slides kept coming like youngsters ringing the door bell and Amy K encouraged members to attend the RAM’s, come next Monday as new members will host our meeting and noted that sadly Dan Z was just diagnosed and is fighting cancer.
Abe Lincoln, Astronaut, Wizard…the slides kept coming as the Pancake Team came up to celebrate the success of our event on October 8th.  Karen, Marion, Amy, John and Steve all thanked the members as great photos of the day flashed on the screen and 7 members were selected (Reber, Frailey, Eng, Ostello, Abel, Grossman and Dickinson) to be featured on billboards and Matt Tenny was drawn to receive dinner for two at the Hilton.   (This scribe wants to very much thank all the members for their support of the event as well as the kind and warm wishes for he and his family as they mourn and celebrate the loss of dad.)
Carpenter, Fireman, Zorro…Excellent Ellen Brown wonderfully welcomed our guest speaker, Abby Smith to the podium.   Abby quickly noted that she is not a Harrisburg native but after 14 plus years she and her family know our fair city is the best home.   Speaking of best homes, Abby used a slide show to highlight and outline the conversion of the State System for Higher Education property along Front Street to the Alexander Grass Campus---an exciting new chapter for this beautiful property to serve the entire community.  Our speaker was pleased and excited to review all six of the buildings on the six acre riverfront property and how each will be “Here for Us, Here for All and Here to Stay!”   We can look for all to be completed by June of 2023 (except maybe the Gym area.)  
No matter what costume you decide to wear ---maybe a Rotary Pancake Chef---you had to love today’s meeting and appreciate that our Club is a treat.   Oh, yeah, one more note, when you see Peggy Grove, please give her a happy 80th birthday hug.   Meeting adjourned 1:06 and Happy Halloween everyone.
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