Saturday, October 21st, Rotary Club of Harrisburg members went  " Back to School” for the 25th annual Pancake Breakfast.   
A tasty success, this event raised in excess of $25,000 to benefit the Harrisburg School District!
Good times, great food, and conversations were plentiful.  
Thank you for your continued support of this event!
Club volunteers again cooked  and served a great pancake and sausage breakfast to nearly 1000 community members on Saturday, October 21st, 2023.
“Pancakes, get your pancakes,” Co-Chair Karen Paris has been known to proclaim as community members enter the High School cafeteria before the Homecoming festivities and football game.  The best part of the event? Eating the pancakes and sausage cooked by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg volunteers.  This amazing fundraiser breakfast was enjoyed in the school Cafeteria between 8 AM and noon.  
Sponsors and attendees helped raise significant funds which will be dedicated back to school children in the Harrisburg School District.  Monies raised will benefit the District Homeless Student Initiative,  fund college scholarships, and provide resources for other projects such as The Dictionary Project, an initiative wherein Club volunteers visit elementary schools in the Harrisburg School District and hand a dictionary to every 3rd and 4th-grade student.
Club President Ellen Brown encouraged one and all to join the Rotary Club of Harrisburg as we “Went Back To School” and helped raise funds for our students by enjoying a family and friend-filled morning eating lots of delicious pancakes.