There’s an Excellent Alternative Coming on January 17, 2024!  Location info to come soon!
Not everyone can regularly attend Monday lunch meetings, such as teachers or people who work first shifts at a hospital.  Or maybe you’re new to your job and Rotary.
The Rotary Alternate Meeting (RAM) is a Rotary Club of Harrisburg meeting that typically takes place at the end of a workday at an alternate time of day or day of the week.
RAM is meant to provide another opportunity for our Club to be more welcoming to everyone including long-time members or those new to Rotary.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a guest that may be interested in what our ambitious club accomplishes in the way of community and global service programs and projects.
We like to say, “less formality more fellowship” when talking about these meetings. Rotary Alternate Meeting happenings are modified from our traditional lunch meeting. There are fewer traditional meeting structures (singing, invocation, featured speaker) and more time for fellowship.
We understand that the more vibrant clubs in our District 7390 offer alternative meetings and we know (from RI member surveys) that younger Rotarians prefer less formal meetings.”
The RAM meetings for the Rotary Club of Harrisburg are not meant to replace the traditional lunch meeting. 
RAM Co-Chairs Scott Stevens and Brian Ostella extend their personal invitation to “Join us for a Rotary Alternate meeting on January 17, 2024  from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  Place to be decided. Come prepared for fellowship and fun!”
There is always more time for networking and catching up with one another. There is no charge to attend, and guests are welcome. Please register here